Friday, October 30, 2015

Surrogacy in Cambodia ... hideously dangerous

Scary surrogacy stuff ... Cambodia .. it's nothing like the good old days in India before everything went pear shaped.

A new danger is born as surrogacy moves to Cambodia Forced from Thailand amid scandal, agencies setting up in Phnom Penh appear to have learned few lessons. 

When Cambodia’s first fertility clinic opened its doors late last year, it was heralded as a medical milestone for a country where even the most basic health services are limited.

“The miracle of IVF in Cambodia [is starting],” managing director Samnang Hor told local media as the first couples began enrolling for treatment at the Fertility Clinic of Cambodia (FCC). 

About a month earlier, fertility treatments were making news in Thailand for entirely different reasons: the baby Gammy scandal had just been exposed, marking the beginning of the end for the thriving commercial surrogacy operations that were based here. 

The timing was unconnected but proved opportune; Bangkok-based agencies were quick to seize on the chance. And so instead of halting the march of the lucrative industry in Southeast Asia, the crackdown by Thai authorities, which saw the prohibition of all commercial surrogacy, served only to delay it momentarily. 

In March this year, the first surrogacy programmes started in Phnom Penh, carried out by FCC on behalf of surrogacy agencies which had shifted their operations across the border. 

“The Thai government banned it, so what’s happened is the Thai operators have jumped the border and set up in Cambodia where there are no surrogacy laws,” an international surrogacy expert with close ties to the industry told Spectrum on condition of anonymity. 

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Surrogacy to end in India for foreigners?

New Delhi: A blanket ban may be imposed soon on Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origins (PIOs) and foreigners having children through surrogacy in India with the Health Ministry and National Commission for Women today proposing it as part of a new legislation.
The Health Ministry, which had drafted a bill to deal with issues relating to surrogacy, has also agreed to suggestions by NCW to make legal provisions to allow single women including divorcees and widows to become surrogate mothers, besides setting up of a regulatory body.
At a national consultation on the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, the NCW and Health Ministry were in agreement that there should be a blanket ban on NRIs, PIOs and foreign nationals to have children through surrogacy in India.
NCW Chairperson Lalita Kumaramangalam said Health Ministry has decided to finalise the bill on surrogacy-related issues by November 15.
The consultation was attended by officials from Home Ministry, Women and Child Development Ministry, National Human Rights Commission and representatives of various states besides NCW and Health Ministry. The bill was first drafted in 2010 which was revised in 2013.
The Health Ministry has now sought public opinion on the bill before it could be finalised.
Kumarmangalam also said the Home Affairs has conveyed that it will make changes in the bill to make provisions on not to allow NRIs, PIOs, overseas Indians along with foreign nationals to have children though surrogacy.
"The bill that stands today says only 'Indians' will be allowed and not 'of Indian origin'. The Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that they will make changes in the bill and there is going to be a blanket ban on all foreign nationals and NRIs, Overseas Citizens of India or Persons of India Origin," Kumarmangalam said.
Kumaramangalam also said NCW has asked Health Ministry to allow single women apart from married Indian women to go for surrogacy.
"This is very unfair to single women whether they are widow or divorced. It is in a way restricting their reproductive rights," she said.
The other recommendations by the Commission and experts include maintaining the anonymity of surrogate mothers and making provisions for intensive care and medical check-ups for surrogate mothers.
"Most of the surrogate mothers are poor women. They face several hardships during the process. These include ambiguous contracts, health concerns, exploitation by middle men or hospital authorities, lack of enforceability of contract by mothers due to their socio-economic vulnerability," she said.
Noting that unregulated surrogacy is leading to human trafficking, the NCW chief said that the new law will have provisions to deal with the problem.
As per NCW, around 30,000 illegal fertility clinics are operating in the country with majority of them being located in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi.
"We don't want to become hub of surrogacy in the world. There are a huge number of women who are trapped into this. The increasing amount of unregulated surrogacy happening in India is causing various problems for mother and the child," she said.
She said India was emerging as a surrogacy hub across the world with a 17-20 per cent annual growth.
"This is a multi-billion dollar business in India and totally unlegislative field. There is no law expect few guidelines of ICMR which are not binding. It has been growing 17 to 20 per cent annually," she said.
The sudden increase in surrogacy has been due to comparatively low cost of medical services and easy availability of surrogate mothers and lack of laws to regulate it.
SC asks Centre to look into commercial surrogacy
"You (Government) are allowing trading of human embryo," the Supreme Court has observed, saying commercial surrogacy should not be allowed but was still going on unabated as 'business' in the country without any legal sanctity.
A bench comprising Justices Ranjan Gogoi and N.V. Ramana expressed concern that various issues related to commercial surrogacy are not covered under the law but the practice was still continuing.
"Commercial surrogacy should not be allowed but it is going on in the country. You are allowing trading of human embryo. It is becoming a business and has evolved into surrogacy tourism," the bench, which refused to stay the 2013 notification, said.
The apex court asked the government to bring commercial surrogacy within the ambit of law.
It asked the government to clarify whether a woman who donates her egg in commercial surrogacy can be said to be the only mother or both surrogate and genetic mother can be said to be mothers of the child.
The bench also asked the Centre whether commercial surrogacy amounts to economic and psychological exploitation of the surrogate mother and whether the practice is inconsistent with dignity of womanhood.
Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar told the bench that a surrogacy bill was being deliberated upon to regulate the issue and bill would be introduced in Parliament very soon.
In 2013, the Centre issued a notification allowing import of human embryos for artificial reproduction paving the way for foreign couples to bring in frozen human embryos and rent a surrogate womb in India.
The court was hearing a PIL filed by advocate Jayashree Wad who said the country has virtually become a 'baby factory' as a large number of foreign couples have been coming to India in search of surrogate mothers.
(With agency inputs)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad

Great to see some action being taken to support parents through surrogacy abroad and parents-to-be. These days Surrogacy Australia seems to focus more on altruistic surrogacy in Australia, which is fine and needed; FTS has become yet another commercial interest with no real assistance for international surrogacy parents, hopefully SAA will fill the gap. Good for you Kylie (a mum through surrogacy in India).

My Name is Kylie Gower, over the next 7 days after several months of planning and working closely with authorities along with surrogacy stakeholders we are excited to launch Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad - Where Every Story Matters.

Here at SAA we believe in helping couples and individuals build the families they deserve.

Our vision is to provide a world where infertility and sexual orientation are no longer barriers to that dream.

To ensure everyone the opportunity for everyone to build families through surrogacy in Nepal and India.

We are confident in time their will be resolution around Nepal, which will bring strong guidelines, we are also hopeful for opportunity of Australian's to resume accessing India despite the release of the Indian Art Guidelines 2015 .

Currently in Nepal it is extremely fragile and sensitive, If Australians are perceived to be difficult then we will precluded like we were India. We all in the surrogacy community need to work towards change in how Australians are viewed in the international surrogacy arena.

Personally I am appalled how some Australians have conducted themselves .

Equally disappointed that certain groups are assisting the media in running these stories knowing the ramifications this will have on International surrogacy.

How much of an Impediment this behaviour is to the future of international surrogacy and to Imprint upon these people the seriousness of how this is being viewed by, authorities here and abroad.

Many Australians may be unaware of the cultural differences, due processes and the gravity of the ban, these delays in returning home will resolve.

I ask everyone even in your darkest and worrying of times about returning home, educate, inspire a spirit of respect and appreciation for Nepal along with cooperation with a country that supported you in your dream of having a family.

Always remember why your wanting to return home their is someone waiting to start the Journey you have travelled.

Any enquires in relation to this post or families seeking assistance in Nepal please email

We are unable to give advice around current immigration issues with exiting visas.
We recommend Poonam Jain as a reliable source around the current status of exiting we strongly suggest that you partner with Poonam Jain of this is certainly her field of expertise.

We are all hopeful that the visa issue will resolve within the next 14 days .

As part of our internal policies and procedures we will not actively post in surrogacy community groups unless we feel there is aa imminent threat to Surrogacy.

We look forward in the coming week to introduce to you our team at Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Life Agency in the Dog House yet Again

What the fuck did they expect?

Yet another case of IPs going for the cheapest price. Now they are stuck.

Too Fucking bad.

This shit shuts it down for everyone.

Do these idiiots really think a petition will do anything against the major bullshitter that is Mariam K and New Life?

But still, those who have not done it yet, you are flocking to Cambodia, the dodgiest guest set up ever, AND SOME OF YOU ARE WITH MARIAM K AND NEW LIFE.

Get real. 

CAVEAT EMPTOR, buyer beware.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Australian Travel Advice Surrogacy in Nepal

Important to note this is not a permanent ban at this stage. It could well turn out to be. Pro-surrogacy case being pout before the Supreme Court of Nepal this week.

Australian families in limbo as Nepal joins India and Thailand in banning commercial surrogacy

THE future of dozens of families has been thrown into limbo after Nepal followed India and Thailand and announced a crackdown on the commercial surrogacy market.
The Supreme Court of Nepal has issued an interim order putting immediate stop to commercial surrogacy services in the country.
Surrogacy Australia founder Sam Everingham said between 60 and 80 desperate Australian couples currently have Nepalese surrogates pregnant with their children.
The Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday said the decision means the status of those existing surrogacy arrangements is now unclear.
“The Australian Government strongly recommends that commissioning parents not consider surrogacy in Nepal,” the Department said in an updated travel advisory.
Mr Everingham said his organisation has been assured the 70 or so Australian couples who are expecting to have babies born in Nepal over the coming months will be able to get their children home.
But he said the changes could mean couples are delayed by as long as six weeks in Nepal as they battle to get exit visas for their newborn babies.
Mr Everingham said the news has been incredibly stressful for couples seeking to have children via overseas surrogates, particularly after ThailandIndia and Cambodia all changed their laws to prevent Australian couples from engaging surrogates.
“There is a huge unmet need out there for surrogates, it is incredibly stressful for families,” he said.
“This is a really good example of why we need commercial surrogacy, so we don’t have to rely so much on third world countries to help out Australians.”
The latest DFAT advise, issued on Tuesday night, said overseas surrogacy gives rise to significant legal and social issues. DFAT travel advice for surrogacy
“Surrogacy is poorly regulated in many countries, which gives rise to a range of concerns for the welfare of the parties involved,” the Department said.
“Concerns include both the potential exploitation of women and differing approaches among countries to the legal rights of children who are born as a result.”

Friday, September 4, 2015

Surrogacy in Nepal Grinds to a Halt

Disappointing news about surrogacy in Nepal

All surrogacy treatment in Nepal has been suspended due to a court order by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

Those wanting to do surrogacy cannot proceed at this stage. The Ministry of Health and Population along with clinic owners in Kathmandu will be presenting their case to the court on September 7th.

Hopefully there will be good news, but things may take some time. This is very disappointing news for so many who were about to start treatment, and those wanting to in the future. There are so few options for surrogacy on the international landscape now, especially for same sex couples and single men and women.

Supreme Court Halts Surrogacy in Nepal

Love the image with this article. Family Joy.

If only people could realise what goes into surrogacy, and the joy it brings not just the parents but extended family as well. The photo with this article is priceless. I meet surrogates, I talk to them, I sit down with them and have conversations and they are so happy to do this and actually thank the parents for giving them such a great opportunity to help infertile couples. This may not be true of all surrogate mothers, however it is actually the surrogate mother who is never asked by anyone it seems, who consider they are exploited, that surrogacy is child trafficking and who wish to impose their ill-informed morality upon consenting adults.

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Surrogacy Forum for issues to do with Surrogacy in Nepal

New Surrogacy Forum about Surrogacy in Nepal

Learn about who is who, who is a clinic and who is an agent, who is operating legally and who is not, who is treating surrogates well and who is treating them badly. Most importantly, learn how you can save time and money by avoiding the dodgy operators!

All I ask is you be fully informed, about what your surrogate is paid, where she lives, whether she has proper identification, who your service provider is, what their payment packages include and don't include.

Be informed, be aware. I live there! I know what is really going on.