Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't count your embryos before they hatch

I spent last night in the hospital. After collecting 17 eggs on Sunday, fluid escaped into my abdominal cavity, which caused untold pain and discomfort. It wasn't OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) just fluid irritating the peritonial lining of my abdomen. This made moving and breathing difficult because it went into my diaphragm. After a nice shot of pethidine - my second in 12 hours - I was woozy and out-to-it, but pain free. I came home this morning and have been sleeping off the narcotics. The majority of the pain has gone, I am uncomfortable, but nothing like last night.

So what of the eggs? Only three fertilised. Three. What a disappointment. Here I was thinking yesterday I had so many to play with, that I wouldn't need and egg donor, that I was, indeed, a superhuman egg producer. I was so proud of myself.

It seems that seven eggs were immature. Of the remaining ten, five fertilised. Two of those fertilised abnormally and were discarded, leaving just three with the correct bits and pieces in place to potentially become babies. I call the clinic tomorrow afternoon to see how many have divided to two cells. This is just the start of the journey because they have to make it through PGD testing, and then onto blastocyst (around 150 cells). It's not looking good.

At this point in time, after what my body has been through the past two weeks - first with terrible PMS depression, then the flu, the retrieval, more depression due to the meds and finally last night's episode of intense pain, I don't feel up to putting myself through a third cycle.

This is a disappointing day.

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Lisa said...

Oh, Amani, I am so sorry you are having such a rough road! Remember, it only takes ONE, so hang in there. My prayers are with you!