Thursday, July 10, 2008

Egg donors

I never thought I would have to go this far. I never thought I could not produce enough eggs to make our baby, even at this age.  But at 41.5yo eggs are few and far between. I made 5 last cycle. That was a flare cycle with the maximum level of hormones they could give me.  Three were classed "good" and two "moderate". Two fertilised normally. One emby made it to two-cells and one to went to  six cells.

It is horrible to count the cells of your baby. "Two -cell" stopped growing on day three. "Six-cell" was transferred to me three days after fertilisation, but nothing happened. I suspect they transferred six-cell only to give me a chance. We were meant to transfer blastocycts.  Hah. What a dream. We got nowhere near. It was either develop six-cell in the petrie dish, or in mummy's uterus. Six cell didn't make it. I knew it wouldn't happen.

Today I have been offered the most gorgeous gift ever. My friend has offered her eggs to us. 

I don't know how I feel. Excited, yes! Relieved. yes! Guilty. Yes!


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