Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am brilliant!

What a day. I went in for EPU this morning feeling depressed and very very sick. That was probably due to a combination of the medications and the flu. The meds this cycle have really knocked me around. I've been nauseous to the point of not having any appetite (very unusual for me) and depressed, scarily depressed, crying on and off and having bad thoughts about not wanting to be alive. But I stuck with the program and had a great result.

They retrieved 17 eggs from my right ovary. 17!!! That is a great result for me, at age 41.5 and time not at all on my side. It seems there were follicles hiding behind follicles. I don't know what the egg quality is like, but they are all mature and have been ICSId this afternoon. I call the clinic in the morning to see how many have fertilised, then it's onto pre-genetic screening. I want them all to come through. I want them all to become babies. 17 babies - OMG! What am I asking for? I love every one of those little eggies already. I hope they like Bob's sperm and go forth and multiply.

I feel relieved and very positive. Perhaps I can even carry myself. We'll certainly give it a try. Au least I know, now, that if my body fails me I can produce enough eggs for a pregnancy with a surrogate and won't need an egg donor.

The sun shines again. I can almost feel my babies in my arms.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

OH Am,
I am so pleased with your results and so sad to hear you were feeling so down. More then you know I do know that feeling.
Keep positive girl, You got great eggs from only one ROCK!!!