Friday, July 11, 2008

It's time

This morning's ultrasound showed 12 fat follices on my right ovary, and none on my left. My estrogen is at 12,900 and I trigger tonight at 10.30pm. I am booked in for egg pick up this Sunday at 9.15am.

This cycle is nearly all over. I'm not expecting anything. Certainly not a positive pregnancy result. Given my multiple miscarriage history and failed IUI and IVF attempts, I firmly believe I have implantation and carrying issues to do with my bi-cornuate uterus. Still, this cycle is a test, really, to see how many embryos I produce and what quality they are. Last cycle only produced five eggs, of which three were good and two moderate. Only two went on to fertilise, and one made it to six cells and was transferred day three. BFN.

I think this time I will ask for any embies to go to blast rather than have a three day transfer. I can't stand that two week wait, nor the progesterone suppositories - horrible waxy leaky things that make me sleep. If an embie isn't going to make it to blast in a petrie dish, it's not going to have much more of a chance doing so in my cruddy uterus. 

It's best to do these tests on myself in Australia before moving onto surrogacy in India so that I know for sure whether we will need an egg donor or not. 

Thanks to my lovely ones - N and S - I have two egg donors-in-waiting. What a gift!

This child (or children) WILL be born ... just when and how, I'm not yet sure, but I WILL be a mother by the end of next year.

For now, I am still very ill with a flu virus that has turned into bronchitis. My body hurts so much from coughing and I am still lying around the house, bored out of my skull, unable to do much but watch TV and get on the computer occasionally. At least I have Bob home sick as well. By God he's a wussy sicky baby of a man when unwell, but I love him. He's gone to get the food tonight. Where is my mummy? I need chicken soup and her soft touch on my forehead.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Hang in there girlie, your flu will subside soon. Poor you! I love your confidence and positive vibes. I wish I could say the same..'i will be a mom by the end of next year.' That would be awesome to say, but for me, nothing is for certain. Thinking of you and following along in your journey.