Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last post for today

I am really hungry. 

We have no food in the house (my fault). After three days on the couch, with a dreadful flu that has now laid Bob low, there is no chance of eating unless I open one of three cans of chick peas I have in the cupboard, or order home delivery pizza. I SO hate junk food, commercial food, plastic calorie-ridden nutrient-poor crapola food, but sometimes it has to be done. 

I've ordered from Pizza Hut Belmont. I hope we get the same delivery driver as last time. The poor man. Dark skin, perhaps Indian or Malay ... who knows in the dark? Very sweet - but Oh so afraid of our licky dog, Amber the two-year-old labrador. Amber who loves little kittens and children. Amber who only ever bears her canines to scoff processed doggy food. 

I intercepted him, pizza boxes in hand, in the middle of our front path, trembling .. calling out "Hello ... helllooo ... I have pizza". I assured him the dog was okay, that she was a friend, to which he replied, "I am scared. I am so very scared". Poor bugger., Cultural differences. I guess if I were a pizza delivery person in Romania I would afraid of being eaten by free-roaming pet bear.

Hah. The pizza is here. Delivered by a young Aussie upstart kid who complained about us having no visible street number. Get over it bud. 

He got no tip.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

So glad you have joined the Blogger wagon!!! Will be following along your journey.

Hugs girl,