Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday sunshine

A good night's sleep always helps. I woke to sun breaking through the storm clouds, in the sky and in my mind. The healing process had begun. The anger was gone and I was ready to recover and think to the future - and donor eggs. I would not make any hasty decisions, nor get the ball rolling on the next cycle, not until my heart and mind were clear.

Then the phone rang. It was Stephanie. 

"I have good news for you".

What?! How?! Was a mistake made and my embies weren't sick? Were the results swapped with some other poor unfortunate woman and it was her embies that were genetically impaired and not mine? Did they find an embie growing at the back of the petrie dish, hiding under its siblings?

Crazy thoughts - but no, no and no.

Little four cell, overnight, had kicked into gear and developed to a compacted morula - as it should have been on day 4. Not only that ... it had cleared both rounds of genetic testing and was chromosomally normal!

How cow! It came through for us. What a little fighter. Transfer was booked for Friday.

I knew they had tested X and Y chromosomes. I HAD to ask ... not that I cared, I just wanted to know everything about our 1-30 cell wonder.

It's a boy!

I am absolutely not going to name this embie until he is 12 weeks along. If, God hoping, we get that far. Of course, his name was chosen a long time ago, Bob and I both in perfect agreement about first and second names. (Okay, Bob lost out on Tobias ... I  once had a cat named Toby ... it is just wrong to name a baby after a pet. In return I compromised on Elijah, Bob not liking a Jewish name when we're not Jewish. Fair enough).

All I will say at this stage is the first name means bright and the second name means rock. This embie is going to need all the help he can get.

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