Friday, July 18, 2008

Transfer today

Our little rock progressed to a blastocyst overnight. Stephanie is well pleased with him. I love that girl - for being so sensitive and positive and for caring for my baby embryos in their petrie dish nurseries.  At time of transfer he had started hatching. "Get me outta here!!!!" He saw the ICSI hole in the shell and went for freedom. He is doing exactly what he is meant to be doing on Day 5. He is a bright little rock. We are so proud of him.

The transfer went well. Dr T had returned from Barcelona - I think with a new CD. He was playing opera in the theatre. It was stirring, bold and uplifting. Just want I would have chosen for transfer of my future musician into my body. Yeah, yeah, I know, a long way to go yet, but Bob is worse than me - he has already chosen the boy's  university! (John XIII at Claremont Perth).

We have the choice of being cautious and not getting our hopes up, or enjoying the journey while it continues. One thing we have discovered of late is this: no matter how you keep your emotions in check, or look negatively at the situation, or expect the worst, you are never truly prepared for bad news when it comes. The grief is the same, whether you've tried to protect yourself by being negative and miserable, or have dreamed and hoped and believed all would go well.

We've chosen to be happy.

The two week wait begins. 

The boys (Bob and step-son William) have gone to the movies. I am wandering between the couch and the computer. The progesterone suppositories knock me out. i have been asleep for the past few hours. I was dreaming about gardens. I was taking cuttings of vines and other plants and planting them in my garden. No surprises where this line of thinking comes from.

I wonder is little rock is fully out of his shell yet.

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Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Go little guy Go! I am thrilled for you both and you are SO right. You have all the time in the world to worry and be negative if and when you have to until then enjoy be happy and love every single minute of it! Keep us posted.

big hugs to you and baby dust to little rock,