Saturday, August 30, 2008


As I said in a previous post, I am going crazy waiting for my life to happen. As it as turned out, my IP server hasn't been sending me emails. From a number of sources I have been asked, "Did you get this email?" Noooo. Yes, I got every freaking Viagra "Your woman will love your new size" and "I am the president of Nigeria and we would like to give you $2 million dollars if you give us your bank account details so we can fleece you" emails.

Like ... piss the f*(& off! I know you are poor and starving and hungry and that you have to scam people to get some bread on your table. But really, I have World Vision children. I tithe. I donate to every freaking charity that asks for my help. I am aware that every cappuccino I buy costs $3.50, money which could buy a well and clean drinking water for a village in Kenya. 

Honestly, how guilty does one have to feel? How much does one have to give? I fear the money I already pay out to charities is lost in administration costs, and executive salaries or stolen by the government of the recipient countries. But I won't use this as an excuse, Too many people use the old "Oh, why give to charity, the money never gets to the people you want to help".  Or, "I pay tax and our government gives aid. I've done my bit". Fair enough. I just choose to do otherwise.

So, I started this post about home renovations but had to change the title because I am, once again, up on my soapbox. So where are we now? I now have direction ... that is a new post.

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Mike and Mike said...

No need to feel guilty at all. If it helps at all, I once got a letter saying my twin brother died and left me 3 million dollars. But that I need to send money to pick get the will and have the bank in Yugoslavia release the money to me.

So, I promptly send my twin an email asking him why he was in Yugoslavia and where's my money.

Mike A.