Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home renovations

My direction.

I just occurred to me that we will be travelling in six weeks time. What shall I do for the next six weeks other than twiddle my thumbs and hope the time passes quickly? 

I did the math. All things going smoothly, and there is no reason to expect things won't, but hey, spirits will do what spirits will do and they will wait until they have the perfect emby to be born to. Say we have a successful transfer the first time round. That means we will be pregnant in late October. Our bubbles will be born in June 2009.

Where the heck do we put them?

Two years ago Bob and I bought a little two-bedroom house. We could have afforded a much better house. But ...  Am likes renovating.  We bought the worst house in the best street in the best suburb. It has served our needs well. We use the dining room as my office. Bob's computer and my piano are stuffed into William's bedroom. We eat at the coffee table in the lounge room. I would like a proper dinner table, but that cannot be when one also has a business stuffed into a two-bedroom house.

Our house will not fit babies!!!

There is no way we will take Will's room from him. While he is only with us 129 nights per year - thanks to the horrible court system that gives a mother more rights to a child then a father - he is ours and he has to have his own room.

After feeling so lonely and so frustrated and so crappy earlier this week, I decided I could not wait for the extension to be built onto our house. So I have emptied out the lounge room and have been furiously sanding, puttying, bogging and painting for the past few days.

Tonight we have William and his cousin Ioane here. Will arrives last night and sees the mess. With wide eyes he says, "Dad, where are we going to sleep?" We normally all sleep in the lounge room. We have no bedrooms when Will is here. That's our routine and we love it.

 So last night I slept with a ten year old, my husband, a couple of cats and poor little Ambie had to sleep outside. 

In the middle of the night Will and I are woken by "dad" who is freezing and decides to rip the doona from us. I yell out "Nick off. Get the other doona to cover you", and we hear a little, "Yeah dad!".... zzzz...snore. Victory. Will and I keep our doona and stay warm.

Today our house is in absolute disarray. There are lounge room items filling gaps in other rooms. There is paint and buckets and sanding disks and dust and mayhem galore. This afternoon our new drafty/home designer visits. Now he is worth a post of his own. But he is wonderful. He knows exactly what to do. he sees the problems we have had with renovating and reconfiguring the house. he can see our mayhem. he makes suggestions and he is  right. I sign off and promise to send him his fee of $3300.00 Ugh. More money out.

It's all a little crazy but we are happy. We have little voices resonate throughout the house and I realise this is what we are missing on a daily basis. Our children.

Tonight will be interesting. The boys have decided we will all sleep in the "big bed". Ioane has promised he only needs to lie across our feet. Yeah right - two large adults, one smallish ten-year-old and one large eleven-year-old ... plus Amber-the-Labrador-child and at least two cats ... sucks to be us!

This is happiness.


Jaymee said...

ah, the joys of where to put the babies panic. mine came a couple of years ago and we moved. thankfully our last house was horrible so it was not to hard to convience the saner half that we needed another house.

SIX MORE WEEKS, I am soooooo excited for you.

Amani said...

Egad. I have a renovation hiccup. I had to attend to "life" today and could not spend the day up a ladder.

I am behind one whole day.



switzertwins said...

Getting closer! Can't wait for ya'll to get to Texas..if there is anything left after Ike roars through here!