Friday, August 22, 2008

The Olympic dream!

I am in daily contact with my mum via phone from opposite sides of Australia. I normally ring mum with my multitudes of questions about breast-feeding, parenting, finances, renovations - you name it, we talk about it. We had three hours on the mobiles in the wee hours of the night earlier this week. (I apologise in advance to Bob for the phone bill we will be receiving).

After our marathon chat, my mum had a dream. She was carrying a baby that kept getting heavier and heavier. It started to slip from her grasp, and she hung on for dear life, trying to make it home, refusing to let the baby fall. She asked me if I thought the dream meant anything. The meaning was obvious to me. After my miscarriage history and the loss of so many unrealised children for me and grandchildren for my mum, she sees us on the home run and she's not letting go. Through surrogacy we have real hope and we will be bringing home a baby or babies around this time next year, if not sooner. 

As for my latest dream: well, surrogacy became an official Olympic event! LMAO. I saw all the faces of the women at my US surrogacy group line up at the start of the athletics track, where there was a registration booth. They were jostling each other and waving forms trying to get their entries in. Good grief! I guess that dream indicates my views of surrogates - champions - whose dedication to family creation and selflessness are on par with the efforts of an Olympic champion and deserving of a gold medal. Okay, okay - it's probably just my psyche combining the two things I focus on every day - watching the Olympics and reading and talking about surrogacy.

I had another profound dream some weeks ago. It was the type of dream that you remember vividly when you wake up, and the dream stays with you through the day. I was on a row boat in a dark cavern that was similar to a train station, only there was water everywhere. I think I was actually getting out of prison as I could see bars behind me. There was man on a different boat across from me.  He was objecting to being in the boat, struggling against the security guard who was there to help him, and making his boat fill with water.

I had to lie down in the boat because of the low height of this water-filled cavern we were in. I turned to my security guard and said. 'I am scared." She said to me: "Just relax and it will be alright". We started moving out of the darkened watery cavern towards a light. As we entered the light I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and I thought 'I am entering the light, like people who are dying.'  But I knew I wasn't dying. As we left the cavern, the light became brilliant and I felt peace and heard someone (not a voice, rather a thought transmitted telepathically to me) that said, "Go into the light. It is all beautiful. Then I was given a date. June 13.

So what the heck does this one mean dear readers? I suspect the water represented my emotions, choppy and frightened, but able to be calmed if I relaxed. The prison is, perhaps, the incarceration of infertility that, through surrogacy, I can now leave. The other man could possibly be Bob, who is not as relaxed about this journey as I am - yet. I didn't recognise him as Bob, however, he was just a stranger. The light is God and our future.  The date ... I am guessing ... is the birth date of our babies. 

How prophetic my dreams are remains to be seen!

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Jaymee said...

your gold medal is on it's way, just as soon as i figure out how to send it by e-mail. you are getting close.