Monday, August 18, 2008

Paperwork galore

Today our application for Houston IVF and our medical records are being posted to the USA. Express post of course. My OBGYN history is rather dismal. A bi-cornuate uterus, surgery on said uterus, five failed pregnancies, three years of ttc naturally, failed IUI, two failed IVFs, and a PGD report showing gross chromosomal abnormalities on all but one of the embies tested. 

Our lovely ED mentioned in my previous post is unavailable in November because she is getting married. We have therefore brought travel plans back to October. That is so soon. I can't quite believe we've come to this point. I have been researching and discussing surrogacy for a year now. It started as a semi-serious joke. "Let's go to the USA and pay for a surrogate to carry our children". Bob's response: "I could never exploit a woman in that way."

The topic of exploitation and our thoughts about what we first thought surrogacy was, have been completed rearranged, and require their own post.

Today I am feeling good. I've started walking for exercise again. I've not been this committed since February and our first IVF round. While I enjoy it immensely (and so does Amber my labrador-shaped human) my lower legs and ankles have been inflamed from fast-paced walking in old shoes on hard surfaces. I am off to the exercise shoe shop for a decent pair of runners. I have a lot of weight to strip from my body. I look fat, I feel fat and I am fat. My clothes don't fit and I have been ignoring mirrors for most of this year. 

No more. Once I have a bit of the weight off I will return to dance. For now, I cannot bear to look at myself in a full-length mirror under harsh studio lights. Ugh. And I thought I was fat when I moved to Perth three years ago. Since then I have chubbed up a good 15 kilos. If only I was as "fat" as when I left Brisbane. Oh well, I am doing something about it so it doesn't hurt so much now.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

What kinda dancing?

Amani said...

Bellydancing. But more stage bellydancing, not the stuff you see at the local fair. I mixed it with ballet and cabaret style dance, so it ended up a bit of a mix.