Monday, August 4, 2008


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

You are still way too cute, even when you are mad. Guess its that Aussie charm. Keep your chin up will all fall into place. Here if you need to vent, or chat or whatever.

Big hugs,

Jaymee said...

i hate to say this, but welcome to the wonderful world of ED and surrogacy. we were told by an agency, "we do not understand why you won't shut your mouth and sign the contract. so many other people have signed it and never questioned our practices." my response, "i can't reproduce, i do however have a brain. what you are asking is completely illogical and if you will address my concerns we will find someone who will." their response, "you are the kind of people who make me think that some people are infertile for a reason and i would recommend that assholes like you never have children." this is a highly respected agency.

our problem was that their contract left us financially responsible for ANY medical cost the surrogate had. even if these costs were not related to the surrogacy, and there was no time limit to this. so if she, god forbid, got cancer we could be left with the bills.

I am sorry this is happening with you too. This will work out. Big (across the ocean) Hugs.

PVED Mom said...

Amani! - I am so sorry you are having a tough time locating a donor. Please know PVED can help you for free in that area.

Hang in there, we are all rooting for you! I know first hand how tough this is!

Amani said...

Thanks all. I had a really bad night that night. I have taken down my previous post because, while I felt I was being slighted at the time, I received an email from lady from the agency in question explaining what she meant. I apologised. I used her agency name in that post and that was unfair, because she really was trying to help me. I don't want her business to suffer just because I took something the wrong way. It seems people actually do read this blog, it doesn't offer the level of prvacy I assumed I'd have.

I wonder if I can set this blog to private and give out a password. There are going to be times when I flare up and get weird ... and I don't want just anyone and everyone reading about my crises. I am having a difficult time with this whole surrogacy concept. We have contracts underway and are about to actually invest money. It is now very very real.

I am questioning my self at every step of the way.