Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Such a terrible time

Our beloved Kelsey Rahne Switzer, daughter of Lisa and Brian Switzer, sister of Riley, and one of two bright lights shining upon our Indian surrogacy community went to Heaven on Sunday 24 August, 2008. She was almost three months old. We are all shocked, devastated and reeling. At present there is no explanation for why Kelsey had to leave us, not from earth or from Heaven. 

Lisa and Brian Switzer are the true trail blazers of our community. They were the first couple that endured the horrors of IVF and childlessness, were turned away by the American surrogacy system, but never gave up.  They were the first couple to bravely travel to India, in pursuit of creating their family, and they finally had success and brought their daughters home. 

Brian and Lisa have braved the mass public by telling their story to millions of people the world over.  At times, they have been barraged with insensitive, uneducated and simply cruel comments from online strangers who have only judgement and cruelty in their hearts.  They have bared their souls, been confident and proud of what they have done, were incredibly blessed with the birth of Kelsey and Riley, and have now to to suffer the horrendous loss of their infant daughter.

So many of us, from all corners of the world, have eagerly awaited updates of their journey, have been inspired by their bravery, and adored the photos they have shared of their new family. So many of us have decided to not lie down and accept childlessness where there is hope. Lisa, Brian, Riley and Kelsey have inspired us all.

At times of grievous loss, and I have had few in my life, I have to turn to a deeper sense of life, a spirituality, even God. The only way I can make sense of this tragedy is to wonder what a benevolent and loving God could possibly be thinking by taking this child from her parents and sister, her loving grandparents, aunts and uncles. The only comfort I can find for myself is to believe that Kelsey is now the holder of the star that will light the way for the spirits of the children who are travelling from Heaven to their loving parents here on earth.

This is not a role any of us would have chosen for Kelsey. But we, ultimately, do not get to choose a path against God's will.

Kelsey ... you are in my heart darling girl. 

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jo gray blogs said...

just beautiful, Am.

Why don't you write a book while you wait? You speak so eloquently for all of us.

jojo x