Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomorrow is another day

Someone once told me, while I was trembling with anxiety late at night, tomorrow is another day. Well, obviously it is. But what comes with a new day is a rested and clear head. A new day comes with a more peaceful heart, a new perspective, a renewed spirit. The monsters in my head retreat and go into hiding the morning of a brand new day.

Today is good. My sleep pattern is back on track. Today we are going to buy a new bed. Our bed is lumpy and causes us to roll into the middle. We do not sleep well together in that bed. The big question is: do we go for another queen size bed or a king?

Buying a king bed would entail buying new sheets and quilt and quilt covers. We are both five feet ten, and not exactly featherweights. A queen bed will do us for now. But I am thinking to the future and imagining kiddies with their tight terrors needing to cuddle up with mum and dad. 

I come from a family that co-sleeps. My parents' king bed is the focal point of our family home. They have had it forever. We all love that bed.  It is a place of connection and comfort. It has nursed many fears, and heartbreaks, given sanctuary to sufferers of hangovers, given respite from the family during the annual Christmas rat race. At any one time you can find any combination of grandparent, parent, niece, brother-in-law, sibling in that bed, slumbering through a difficult time or simply chatting, laughing and messing around. I will keep the family tradition alive. We will get a king. I hope it fits our room.

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