Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiting for the bog to set

I am sick of waiting, waiting for lawyers, waiting for the clinic, waiting for ... life. Today I pulled the lounge room apart. We are extending our house. The original idea was to go out and up to two levels. We have a great river view right now, but only because there is a vacant block of land across from our house. When this block is built on, we will have no river views. Therefore, it makes sense to extend up so we have a view, regardless of what is built across the road.

That said, plans to extend out and up will cost around $330,000 to build. Ugh. That is not happening. We can manage that but not with our surrogacy costs. It is far more important that we have children to fill our a "mini-mansion" than have a fabulous expensive "mansion" that we rattle around in and feel lonely and unfulfilled.

I intended to start on the lounge room after the extension was built, but things have been delayed and I am bored. Waiting waiting ... The current lounge room has always been ear-marked as the nursery/playroom. Last night it occurred to me ... we can't wait for the extension to be built before tackling the rest of the house. 

Bob doesn't know what he is coming home to. Furniture all over our two-bedroom abode. Crap in the kitchen and laundry sink. Me with plaster and bog through my hair and all over my clothes. I am the Renovation Bride of Frankenstein. 

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