Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today is Tuesday

Yes, I know what day it is today. For once. Though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and had to have a "cranky nap" at 2pm, we are travelling well. I really think it pays to let things build up and to express one's frustrations with one enormous spit. It expunges the poisons and allows one to clear their soul and carry forward.

We are doing well. I am covered in enamel paint. I mentioned I was renovating our current lounge room. I am now enamelling the windows and doors. Tricky work, but I am very good at it, better than the professionals, and, best of all, I charge myself nothing!

The room I am doing up will become our nursery. We have major extensions planned. New laundry, kitchen, second toilet, lounge room, dining room and two verandahs (porches for my friends from the USA). The final plans are being drawn, and then they will submitted to council. I think building will commence no earlier than February next year, but hopefully the build will be completed by the time our babies arrive.

I have been pushing myself. That's just what I do. I am very tired and have a bath running. In our little old abode, we have one gorgeous bathroom complete with spa bath )spa doesn't work right now cause I can't be bothered to get anyone in to fix it), but that aside, I think it's time to lie in water, and clean myself from top to bottom. Razor is ready!

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