Monday, September 15, 2008

What day is it?

We're back on track. After, again, much consideration of our options and much discussion with our Australian ED (our friend), we will be travelling India and hopefully, using the services of a South African caucasian egg donor. The donor comes through an agency that has linked with Surrogacy India. I have written to the agency and sent them our preferences (five more than suitable EDs). I am now awaiting detailed profiles and availability of donors. I must say, this is an additional cost, with airfares, accommodation and all, but it is roughly what we would have spent on our friend's travel, lost wages and accommodation, and only a third of the price we would have paid for our chosen ED in the USA - and the total price includes meds and monitoring in SA and the agency fee.

Dr Sudhir has emailed us the enrolment form and wiring information, so I will organise wiring of funds by the end of this week. How's that for fast? Was it only last week that my plans for the USA went awry? I still have to organise refunds  form the US attorney and escrow agents. Funny how, once people have the money, their communication dries up?!!!

Things just have clicked into place so nicely since I had my hissy fit. Thank you all for your support. I am not a quitter, but sometimes one just throws their hands up in the air and screams:  "Argggghhhh!!!" I think you lot all knew I wouldn't quit, when I swore I would. LOL. My online friends are starting to know me better than I know myself.

So, here's the plan. Book in SI and the ED. IF we can travel by November 17, we are on low season fares and will save $1600 on our airfares alone. BUT, we can travel with Emirates Airlines and fly Perth to Dubai, then Dubai to Mumbai and back the opposite way. I have always wanted to see Dubai. We will definitely go via Dubai if we can stopover for a couple of days before flying to Mumbai. 

Travel time from Perth to Mumbai is 12 hours. There are no direct flights, we would have to stop-over in Singapore.  From Dubai to Mumbai it is 5 hours. Either way, it is a short distance compared with Perth to the USA. Ww would have had to fly Perth to Brisbane - 5 hours - (east coast of Australia), Brisbane to Los Angeles (18 hours), then LA to Little Rock (5 hours): 28 hours!!! The travel time was really freaking me out. I understand that India is half-way around the world for the US IPs, but the USA is half way around the world for a Perth girl. Mumbai is SO close! Sure, with a few stiff in-flight drinks and a sleeping pill or two I could have managed the long flight. But what happens if my babies come early and I need to get to them? 12 hours sure beats 28!!!

The other great news is that 1. not only can we comfortably afford our house extensions, 2. the plans are already drawn. the old designer took weeks in between phone calls. This new guy, while three times more expensive, had the first draft done inside a week. The plans are perfect. I only made one minor change. The designer, who looks like Flacco (Aussies should know who that is) is now drawing up the construction plans and we will have them in at council before we leave. How cool is that? We may actually have a decent-sized abode to bring babies home to.

That's it from here. I have dinner to make. BBQ sausages and steamed veges. My diet and exercise plan is going well and I have lost three kilos (7.5 pounds) in a week. hey, I have been busting a gut on my runs ... and it's not difficult to lose those first few kilos when there's so much to lose!!!

 I am getting really excited! How things can change in a short week.


Jaymee said...

Congratulations on everything. Things seem to be falling into place much easier for you. I could not be happier for you.

switzertwins said...

Good for you Amani. Glad to hear you are in much better spirits. And just think, had it not been for this, India is probably a place you'd have never gone otherwise, so make an adventure out of it.

Love ya,
Brian and Lisa

Eskimo said...

M, I just came across your blog and read the most recent updates.. I had no idea. I am so sorry things didnt work out the way you hoped for with A. But so very very relieved that you still have that fantastic relationship and that she understands that this is what you need to do. Things seem to be going in the right direction again, I am very happy about that. I'll check back in soon and I hope things continue to go smooth. Big hugs!!!

Oh, and btw, Dubai is fantastic, if you get the chance you should definitely stop by for a few days.


IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...


I would look into a few options that might be cheaper then a wire transfer. I used to send a lot of money to the phillipines. Originally, all of my transactions had a $40 fee and included a % fee. Then I found a small Phillipines National Bank about a 30 minute drive from my house. By making my transaction there I had a flat $9 fee.

This saved me a ton of money.

Amani said...

I am very excited about travelling to India (via Dubai). i have always had a fascination with India and now I get to realise two dreams, children and spending time in India. This is also a business trip for me too as I make costumes out of India saris.I will be in shiny fabric HEAVEN!

Lisa said...

Amani, you can fly direct from Chennai to Perth - so perhaps think about doing that on the way back as I personally know how frustrating it is when you back track! Just make sure you're in Chennai a minimum of two hours before the international flight leaves or you'll have problems (trust us, we have first hand experience with this!!!). And yep, Dubai looks fantastic.

Lisa B