Sunday, October 12, 2008

So tired, so thinking ...

I have been online for the past four hours .. thinking, thinking, typing, typing , plotting, planning, asking questions. 

Why is making a baby so difficult?


andbabymakesfive said...

It will all be worth it! Imagine the story you will have to tell your child(ren)! So much love and energy went into his/her/their creation... One day at a time - you can do it!

Sarah said...

I ask myself that question all the time - every week I get to sit through hearings where parents are losing their babies because of neglect, abuse, etc and I get so angry that it seems so easy for them to get pregnant, but not me.

But, here's my "calmer" perspective - having a difficult journey to parenthood makes you such a better parent. You will never take your child for granted, never wish you didn't have a child, and you will give your child the very best life possible.

So, yep, it sucks for now, but it will be worth it in the end!