Sunday, October 12, 2008

Visas delayed, flights to be changed ... bugger

There has been a communication problem between the doctor contracted by our ED agency in South Africa, the doctors in India, Bob and I, and the ED agency coordinator in South Africa. It's all sorted out now and everyone is communicating well, but it means we are most probably going to have to change our travel plans to end of November, early December. 

As we are all attempting to coordinate surrogacy and egg donation between three different countries, with four doctors, one agent, one egg donor, one surrogate, and two intended parents, of course there were bound to be a few hiccups. I think we have all done remarkably well thus far. This truly is the United Nations of baby creation of gargantuan proportions.

At this stage our ED is having her consult with the SA doctor on Monday 13 October. He will then contact our Indian doctors and they will, hopefully, work out a cycle and give us dates. To throw a spanner into the works, another ED from SA will be consulting the same doctor this Wednesday. Her IPs are from yet another country - and are members of the forum - so I want this all to go well for them, as well as us.  The plan is for the two donors to travel to India with the ED agency rep at the same time. 

How anyone can synch the cycles of four women - two EDs and two surrogates - is beyond my comprehension right now. My brain is feeble, my emotions raw. I am so very tired. I have been assured that yes, they can do this. So let us ALL go forth and multiply. 

I am happy that our two EDs will travel together. It will be a first-time thing for them to travel to India and donate, also their rep. Woah - all I can say is what brave women!!! Honestly, there is not a lot of money in this for any of them. I don't know that I would do the same if I were an ED .. I can only say that there are incredible women out there in this world of ours who are prepared to go to great lengths to help we "infertiles" create a family. It really blows my mind that anyone would want to help so much. It is beautiful and humbling, and I will do everything I can to make this a trip of excitement and possibility for them all. 

I guess we will know by the end of the week how things will work cycle-wise and will hopefully be able to revise travel plans and dates by then. For now I have to put off family Christmas. That is another story. 

Just to complicate things further, I am now thinking of throwing yet another spanner into the this brave and gregarious plan of ours  ... but that's for my next post.


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