Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Waiting ... waiting ... not so patiently

Our egg donor had her first consult with the OBGYN in South Africa. Apparently it went well with the ED reporting she felt comfortable. She sees the psychologist for psych screening and counselling tomorrow. Let's hope all goes well. 

Things are progressing, albeit slowly. we should have more confirmed dates by the end of the week or early next week, which probably means the week after, you know how it goes. 

A forum friend emailed me today and said "Why can't I just go to bed drunk and wake up pregnant like everyone else." I found that hilarious. So did my friend, S, she with an Implanon contraceptive warding off premature pregnancy buried in her youthful 26-year-old arm. "That'd be me!" ... and it would ... you gotta laugh. Life is not fair.

I had a stack of kids - four aged seven to 11 sleep over two nights ago. They are a handful, especially as I set few rules and our house is party house. The seven year old had an allergic reaction to something or other which necessitated taking polaramine, having  long bath, and a sleep in sterile sheets. The little lump took up half of our king-size bed and objected every time I tried to shove him over. I was awake most of the night listening to him cough and wheeze with his asthma. 

Last night my step-son couldn't sleep because dad (across from him in the lounge room) was snoring loudly. I tell you what, as soon as you hear that little voice in the middle of the night calling your name, you snap wide awake. There he was standing there with two pillows under his arm "where am I going to sleep?" Um, try the bed in your own room ... the one you have slept in once in more than two years. Of course not, come in the big bed. The kids love the bog bed.

Within ten seconds he, too, is snoring soundly while I lie there and watch the sun come up. Needless to say, I today I dragged myself around half asleep. And I want babies. Bring on those sleepless nights.  (And hire me a nanny).

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