Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We have dates!!! Yippee!!!!

I just received an email from Dr Yash. We have dates! They are: ED arrives in Mumbai CD 8 (8 November). Expected date of EPU is November 15 and expected date of transfer is 17 November. We could be pregnant by Christmas! Or not. Oh bugger - yes we will be pregnant by Christmas. What a wonderful gift for us and our families!

Some other dates: I guess Bob will need to be in Mumbai by November 15 to have his fun in a cup. I think we'll fly in two days earlier and leave the day after transfer, so we'll be in Mumbai from 13-18 November.

The two week wait starts 17 November, therefore I will be going nuts for the rest of November.

Expected  date to get results from SI: Monday 1 December.

Expected date for first scan: ? When are the scans done - anyone?

Expected due date of babies: 10 August, 2009. They won't be Leos!!! Yay. Don't know about Virgos though. Clean, analytical, fastidious. Maybe they'll clean their rooms.

Now - can I pull of the remarkable and get a 77sqm house extension built by the end of July? Better start ringing builders.

So happy. And scared.


jo gray blogs said...

hooray, amani! hooray, hooray, hooray! you'll have the most excellent chrissy present ever.

i'm a virgo...we're good people, really. despite what every other star sign says. we do think too much tho. always thinkin thinkin thinkin. xxx


Sarah said...


I love how you're thinking ahead! My retrieval day is November 17, so we can hang out at the clinic/hospital together.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

You are adorable!!! Keep the faith girlie!!!