Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11 days, 12 hours to go

We've both been a bit stressed these past few days. I think I may have taken on too much with the surrogacy, home extensions, my step-son's birthday and my uni documentary. I'll forge ahead with all my plans as per usual, though I have been warned to start taking things easier because I have been a proper hell-beast, fighting with Bob ... actually, fighting at Bob, who is smart enough to retreat to the panic room when I go off.

We've gotten to the bottom of Bob's stress. He did a risk analysis on the surrogacy (something he does for his engineering work) and came up with some odd conclusions about his contribution to our unusual method of child creation. I've managed to assure him that with ICSI, he only needs one sperm per egg, not six million, and all will be fine. My body is the real dud in this equation, poor eggs and womb. But I'm not part of the process now, so we have a 60 percent chance of success first time round. Bob, being the over-achiever that he is, would prefer at least a 99.9 per cent chance of success. This is the man who never gets less than 99.5 per cent on any exam he has even done. He studies, prepares, frets, studies some more and always come out with top marks. Because his semen morphology was slightly impaired (eg. not 100 per cent normal) he feels that he will be the one letting down the team. Yet he didn't think to tell me he was worried about this. No, he just - and these are his own words - "disappeared up his own *&@#."

Non-one has 100 per cent normal sperm morphology. Eighty-five per cent abnormal sperm is considered "normal". Go figure. So here is Mr Maths King applying his risk analysis to nature, using incorrect reference values, in order to assess the risk/consequences of our situation. Weirdo. I do not know what goes on in that boy's head at times. His brain is wired to statistics, mathematics, and facts, whereas mine is wired to creativity, hope and prayer. I guess I'll never work him out. Heaven help me when with our children are here. Our ED is an electrical engineer. We have a very high chance of having math-head kids. Oh well, at least their dad will understand them.


Carrie Jo said...

This sounds so much like my husband it's hysterical--what is it with the creative people always marrying math junkies?

Amani said...

I guess God whacks us together so we can save them from themselves.