Sunday, November 30, 2008

About to cry

We're losing the plot here just a little bit. Bob and I just had a little cry ... and a huggies .. and recommitted to the process to create our children's human bodies, no matter what it takes, nor the cost.

The toss up now is between behaving as "wealthy over-fed Westerners desperate to have children at all costs", or spiritually connected souls trusting in the process God has planned. Right now, I am very sleep deprived. I am aghast at what has happened in Mumbai, yet I am not scared, and I am very, very annoyed that the ED agency is being so ridiculously cautious. Yeah right - they send over egg donors who are singled out by marauding terrorists and killed. What crap.

Our latest update is that the agency will wait until Tuesday at the latest to inform us - WE - the paying customers - whether they shall travel or not. So who gave them the power to make all the decisions?

I know a lot of people are scared about what has happened in Mumbai, but for God's sake, the attacks are over, and no-one is asking anyone to travel into a war zone. This is Mumbai - city of 21 million people - not Afghanistan or Iraq. Freaking closted, sheltered Westerners. And how safe is it in South Africa anyway? Did I not recently read stats that 50 per cent of the female population are raped in South Africa. Yes, a much safer place tha Mumbai ...

We just received an email from the agency. We are still in a holding pattern. Bla bla bla ... let's wait because the attacks have only been over for 24 hours. So now we have to wait some more. I so hate being held over a barrell and held at ransom. The thing that got to me is that the agency director threw my own country's travel advisory warnings back in my face. Yeah, good one. Most countries are advising a 48-72 hour wait. Australia, of course, is as paranoid as all get up, as per usual. Australia has had travel advisories warnings against Indonesia since the Bali bombings five years ago. And they remain in place, despite many conflicts between the Indonesian and Australian governments. And they are our closest neighbours!

Anyway, back to us ... we want to pull the pin. We have not trusted this agency for some time but have gone along with plans because we didn't want to affect the other couples travelling with us, and we didn't want to face having to fight for a refund of our money. So, we will wait ... until Tuesday, but now our hope is that they pull out and then have no legal recourse to keep the $14,000 we have sent them.

Insert many swear words here.

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