Friday, November 21, 2008

Countdown is on

Not much to update from here. We've applied for our visas to India and should get them back sometime next week. We've had a change of accommodation and will not be slumming it at the Best Western, The emerald at Juhu Beach. It's not nearly as nice as the Sun and Sand, but finances have called for it. My computer is on its last legs, our camera has died and our video camera is not up to the standard I need for my new project. I really couldn't justify the Sun and Sand when we are about to outlay $6000 on electrical equipment. Besides, I prefer top-of-the-range techno toys to a flash hotel. Here is a pic of a deluxe room. It's okay.
Fortunately our SI forum friends will be staying at the Sun and Sand, so we'll gatecrash their pool party! Thanks Jax!

Between now and date of departure, we just have to buy a few gifts, and get the glass on the back door repaired. Ho hum ... not a lot to do now, apart from buy my little mate's birthday present.

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