Sunday, November 9, 2008

Da planes Da planes

From top down:
1. Perth Airport (bye bye crappy flat city),
2. Flying Emirates on an Airbus A340-500 to
3. Dubai - a city where the men wear dresses - to
4. Mumbai on a Boeing 777-200/200ER
5. Arriving Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

I like planes. And airports. They give me a sense of adventure, of possibilities, of freedom. They are full of love and tears, for those arriving and those departing. I love the emotional scenes at airports. I don't like flying ... anything over one hour's flight bores me. I get claustrophobic, hence my need for a window seat (which I have secured), and a sedative downed with a couple of glasses of chardonnay. Hey - I'm not cycling!

I don't like plane crashes. I watch too many episodes of Aircrash Investigation. I know one must sit within six rows of an exit in order to get out if the plane catches on fire. I know if you go down in water you inflate your life jacket after departing the airport, otherwise you'll float to the top of the cabin and not be able to get out. I know you fix your oxygen mask to your own face before helping children and others. I know there is only 12 minutes of oxygen in the tanks above you, but that the flight staff have portable oxygen canisters with additional O2. I read the safety card and watch the safety demonstration on every flight I take. I know how to brace for an emergency landing. Sometimes I even assume the position when landing in poor weather. I know to not get pissed on a flight, no matter how free the alcohol is, because if you're inebriated and the plane goes down, you're stuffed!


jojo said...

if you were my student i'd give you a gold star and congratulate you on your photonarrative.

i'm so jealous i'm turning green with envy, which unfortunately clashes with my red red dress.


Amani said...

Green and red is very Christmassy. Hey, at least you get to go over after all teh ED/legal stuff is all said and done ... and hopefully before the new Indian surro laws come into force.

I have another photo-narrative on the way. Unfortunately I can't upload the pics from my birthday because my camera went caput .... gurgle ... die.