Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A day of celebration!

Two of our forum members have received positive pregnancy results! We are always thrilled to hear of the successes from members of our small Indian surrogacy community. Here's wishing them both a healthy, peaceful, stress-free pregnancy!!!

More great news: my cousin, who has been unwell in recent months, has just scored the best job in the world! She will be supervising 25 adults with various disabilities in their workplace. My cousin really deserves this job, not only because she is smart and will be excellent working with disabled people, but because she tries so hard at everything she sets out to do, yet life has been a little unkind to her this year. She gets a good wage, and a company car! Now I can say to her: "I told you so!" And I can stop worrying about her. She starts on December 8, the day we leave for Mumbai. This augurs well for our own success, and so do the pair of pigeons who are presently attempting to have sex on my back fence.


jojo said...

i almost sprayed my tea all over the computer. funny girl.

Carrie Jo said...

Thanks for sharing in our joy, Amani!