Saturday, November 8, 2008

Missing in action

Hi all,

We are back online! A storm blew out the phone line to our house so I've have had no internet connection since Wednesday. It has been torture!

Our flights are confirmed. We leave Australia at 7am on December 8 and arrive in Dubai at 2pm. We have a nine-hour stopover in Dubai then fly out to Mumbai at 10.50pm for arrival in Mumbai at 2.45am December 9. We've booked an ocean-facing room at the Sun and Sand Hotel at Juhu Beach in Mumbai where we will laze by the pool for eight days, leaving on December 16 for arrival in Australia December 17.

Our two-week wait will start Dec 16 or 17, and we will be expecting news of a positive pregnancy on December 31. How's that for positive thinking?

To be honest, I am not at all expecting a successful result first time round. While we do have a 60 percent chance of this cycle being successful (thanks to our ED who has upped our odds from a miserable 12 percent success rate if we used my tired old eggs again), I know fertility is a numbers game and we just have to be patient. Then again, 60/40 in our favour are pretty good odds, though I wouldn't bet our life savings on them.

It was my 42nd birthday on November 4. Obama won the American presidency and I received a beautiful shappire and diamond ring from my husband and step-son. Two great presents for me! I did lose $20 on the Melbourne Cup, which is okay, but I now have to hire a metal detector because I've already lost my new ring in the garden. Sucks to be me. Note to self: do not garden with your jewellery on.


Jaymee said...

great news. i am so excited for you. stop gardening in you jewelry!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

OH SH$T!!!! That really sucks. Go find that ring girl...

Amani said...

I think Amber ate it. Now I am checking her poo for gold. : ((