Saturday, November 8, 2008

Missing in Mumbai

Rhonda tells me it only takes an hour tops to get through customs in Mumbai, then fifteen mins to Juhu. That gets us to 4am. Our earliest check-in with the Sun and Sand is 8am. What do we do for four hours? Wander the streets aimlessly, suitcases in tow? Or perhaps camp out in the hotel lobby while we wait for our room. I've done that before.

Here is a photo of Amber. She is biting Drug Bear's nose. Drug Bear is so named because of something really stupid I did when visiting Japan in 1995. It was my second trip overseas and I was with a singer and another dancer, and our agent Bruce, arriving for a three month dance season in a resort in Northern Japan.

While waiting to clear through customs I went to the ladies room and there found the cutest little bear propped up on the basin top. He appeared very lonely, so I took him under my wing and retook my place in the customs queue. It suddenly occurred to me that little bear might not be some toy accidentally forgotten by a child, he could have been planted by a drug-lord, and I was the idiot willing to bring a teddy stuffed full of dope into Japan.

Terror struck. If I left the queue again and dumped teddy elsewhere I would surely arouse suspicion. What to do? With my swift thinking cap on I surreptitiously plopped teddy onto Bruce's cart and left him to face the music.

None of us were stopped, much less questioned or arrested. To this day I have not had the heart to slit teddy open to see if he is, indeed, stuffed full of drugs. I don't think he is ... and in memory of my what could have turned into an intercountry drug incident between the Japanese and Australian Governments, I named little teddy Drug Bear.


Lisa said...

Amani & Bob--

Best of luck on your trip and surrogacy--we are pulling for you!

I just wanted to let you know that because most of the international flights in and out of Mumbai are scheduled to depart or arrive in the middle of the night, a lot of the larger hotels will offer a half night's stay. You should check with your hotel to see if they offer that option!

Big hugs--

Lisa & Bob

Amani said...

Thanks guys! How are you both? How has the fishing trip been?

I thought about paying a half night rate. But Bob decided to "slum it". He is a very experienced traveller. I am not, though I can be very tight with money. Maybe I'll find another forum couple and go wake them up at 5a ;)