Thursday, November 27, 2008

Praying for Mumbai

Eighty people are dead and more than 200 injured after a series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks across Mumbai. We have still not heard from our doctors in Mumbai, and are praying they are safe. Four couples from our surrogacy forum have already left Mumbai, but one couple remains in Mumbai. We hope they are okay and that we will hear from them soon.

Bob and I will still be heading to Mumbai on December 8. While we are cautious and sensible travellers, we will be lying low and will be on guard. We are considering moving from the Best Western to somewhere less touristy, though we cannot avoid all tourist areas. We are concerned that our egg donors from Aouth Africa will now not wish to travel. I hope they will, but will understand if they pull out.

It is apparent these attacks were directed at foreigners, in particular, British and Amercians. This does not keep Australians safe from harm given our government's relationship with both the USA and UK. I am practising my Swiss accent. Unfortuanetly, both of us being tall and blonde, we will stick out like beacons in a sea of dark-haired and dark-skinned Indians. Though being Indian has not saved many locals, who were indiscriminately gunned down outside hospitals and at the main train station in Mumbai.

If this latest offering to Allah is because of hatred of against Westerners, then go for the hotels and tourist spots, but don't take your evil out on your own people ... at a hospital no less. I pray for the safety off all in Mumbai and for healing to the injured. I will not be put off travelling to the beautiful country of India simply because a handful of zealots wish to discourage people from visiting India.

From The Statesman

Panic on the streets & at home

KOLKATA/MUMBAI, Nov. 26: As the evening suburban trains entered VT in south Mumbai, detraining passengers were caught in random fire from automatic weapons and hand grenades lobbed indiscriminately at them aiming to cause the maximum casualties. It was, as a resident put it, “sheer insanity”. Soon, guns opened up at Vile Parle, Santa Cruz, Worli, Cafe Leopold, and the Taj Mahal, Oberoi and Ramada hotels, among other known south Mumbai night spots, spreading panic among Mumbaikars returning home from work. As the automatic weapons spewed bullets, bombs went off at VT and a petrol pump was blown up, pools of blood appeared on the streets. The Oberoi wore the look of a battle zone with shards of glass strewn all around, the lobby apparently on fire because of grenade attacks; and there were reports of bombs being hurled by the terrorists holed up inside the hotel.


Eskimo said...

I just read this in the news and immediately came here as I didnt know the dates you would be there.. phew.

Amani said...

Thanks mate! I actually thought about you a few hours ago and thought - Eskimo doesn't know when we're travelling, he'll be worried.

Our surrogacy community is so small, and so loving. Appreciate it!


(dis)enchanted said...

i wondered how you were feeling about all this. please be safe. i know you both will be smart..but..geesh...just take care..