Saturday, November 1, 2008

Such AWESOME news!

Yes, the BEST thing to happen in my life this week.

Not for us directly, but for our fellow Aussie travellers, Lisa and Nik, who have received the incredibly fantastic news that they are pregnant!!! I have been buzzing all day since I learned the news late last night. Even thought this pair of trippers gave a couple of hints on the forum ... NONE of us picked it up. All I can say is, FANTASTIC. (Yes Rhonda, you did an awesome job keeping your mouth shut!)

I told my close friends (all two of them) about Lisa and Nik and their news, and my mum and dad. They are thrilled. They are thrilled because they are all behind me and Bob, and everyone who is in a similar position to us. Good news goes way beyond the couple and their immediate family and friends .. we have a very small and loving community ... so a success for one couple is a success for us all.

It's queer how I can be SO happy for another couple travelling the same road as us ... to parenthood through surrogacy. I'm not really an envious type of person, but I am most certainly very judgemental about people who can procreate so darn easily, suck on our governemnt for benefits and welfare, spend their beneifts not on their children, but on plasma TVs and the like, and then mistreat their kids and leave them to welfare ... which, BTW, couples like Lisa and Nik and Bob and I end up paying for through our taxes. And we have to do it so darn hard.

But right now, I don't give a shit. Lisa and Nik are pregnant! And Bob and I will be the third couple to bring surro-bubs back to Australia from India.



Tigerlilycat said...

Am, you are a nut - but I know exactly what you mean when you say it is a lot more than just the couple who got the positive news who get the buzz. Surrogacy is such a complex path that we all need to hear the good news stories to keep us going, and even more so when we do it in different countries and can't control what is happening in any way. When we tried for the first time in India in July, I wanted to get a positive result for everyone's sake but unfortunately we got the negative. So to be able to get a positive result from only our second attempt is as exciting for us as everyone else. And believe me, a LOT of people know. It's not like we had a private moment in our bedroom and then kept our mouths shut for the first trimester. Really, really hard to not spill the beans (fully) when everyone knew what we were going to India for. We managed to say just 'medical treatment' for the first trip, but when you go twice in three months you end up owning up to what you're doing.

I still stand firm behind my surrogacy mantra - we don't care who gets pregnant, as long as someone does!!! And keep those good news stories coming for everyone's sake.

Lisa (and Nik)

Mike and Mike said...


First off, congratulations to Lisa and Nik.

Now...BREATHE WOMAN! Lol...we realize this is all extremely stressful (referring to your past post about the ED tests), but if you don't sit back and take a few breadths, you're gonna turn blue in the face and not be able to make it to India.

That being said, yes, we completely understand. Everytime you get a test, you Google and are beset with too much information. It's all overwhelming at times.

Mike A.

JourneyofHope said...

When there is a pregnancy in the surrogacy community, we all rejoice. It certainly gives everyone who is hoping the will to keep on trying and to continue hurdling themselves over the obstacles. It will happen for you too. I can just feel it.

Tigerlilycat said...
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Tigerlilycat said...

ps - three people from the forum knew we got the positive result, so they were all great at keeping quiet!

switzertwins said...

Congrats to them! That is wonderful!! You're up next Amani! Still praying for you and Bob!