Monday, December 8, 2008

Half an hour to taxi-time

We leave in a half hour for the airport. Bob's had two hours sleep, and I've had not much more. It's amazing how much stuff there is to do at the last minute, even though you've bored all day. Doggie is at the Pet resort. Little beast ran to the door and didn't want to know us. I got outside and burst into tears. The house was so empty when we got home. No little black nose or waggy tail to greet us at the front gate.

I think I would be excited if I wasn't so darn sleep-deprived. This will be such an adventure, one we may repeat for cycling in Feb 09, but definitely when we pick-up our babies. I wish we were cycling this time. I wish we were coming home with the excitement of the two-week-wait. Oh well. We'll still accomplish a lot and leave the oh so important genetics in the safe hands ... ewww ... I mean plastic straws or whatever the stuff is kept in ... of the docs.

Catch you from India my dear friends. xxx


Rhonda and Gerry W said...
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Jaymee said...

have a wonderful and SAFE trip. Update if you get the chance.

Mike and Mike said...

Sleep? You wanted sleep? Think of it this way, no sleep makes for a very cranky couple of Aussies...that oughta scare any would-be terrorists away.

Be safe. We'll all be waiting for you and Bob's safe return.


jojo said...

Hooray! You're on the plane now...getting closer and closer by the second.

This is such great news.


Carrie Jo said...


Can't wait to hear your impressions of Mumbai and the docs. We are all routing for you guys...and know that even though this hasn't gone as smoothly as you'd have liked that your babies are waiting for you at the end of this!

Michaela said...

no sleep=parenting.


Anonymous said...


stay safe in Mumbai and enjoy your time in India with the docs and other couples. Can´t wait to hear all about it

Eskimo said...

update needed, guys!!! hope everything is fine! muah from oregon (still patiently waiting..)