Saturday, December 27, 2008

India Day 4 - a new abode

Room 222 at the Sun and Sand. Before we made it messy.

Even Bob agreed, this was much nicer than The Emerald. It was a relief to be in such a clean and elegant hotel, with no cat pee smell. Bob thanked me for making the wise choice of moving hotels. We really enjoyed the Sun and Sand. It is located at Juhu Beach, which is pretty close to everything .

Door from bedroom into bathroom, showing minibar and big-arse plasma on wall. What more do you need?

Make it a priority to watch Indian TV infomercials. They are hilarious. You will meet Match Guru, can buy a strap -on magnetic headset in the shape of aviator goggles to fix your headaches, even order Body Armour, a strap-on device in which you can truss up your children to make them stand up straight, and look like dickheads.

The bathroom. No bath, but no bucket and scoop in the shower bay (used in case the water pressure drops leaving you unable to shower).

View of hotel from beach. To the right is the pool.

The pool and general sunning area. Very clean and inviting.

Order a Kingfisher beer and have a King of Good Times.

Bob, the King of Good Times. Every time he set foot near the pool bar his new best-friend and waiter offered him a King of Good Times.

Sunset over Juhu Beach and the Arabian Sea.

The beach is at its busiest at night. There is always something to see, even if just the antics of some very well-organised beggars walking the beach, banging their drums while the children harass foreigners.

Up the beach to the right of the hotel. We didn't realise until our final day that the land and buildings in the distance actually go all the way across the photo to the left. I guess the pollution lifted a little that day.

See. More land!

Security man with big scary security weapon.

I was lucky to get this pic. Our security man spoke not a word of English and didn't want to be photographed. Somehow I managed to impart to him that I wanted him to hold his stick aloft. Security at the front of the hotel was tight. Each car entering the property was searched for bombs. A metal detector at the front entrance greets new customers. Mumbai is serious about terrorists entering via water. A helicopter buzzed the beach overhead no less than every 15 minutes. I'm not sure what they would do if a boatload of jihadis was detected off shore. The one lone security guard at the back of the hotel would be able to do little with his stick.


(dis)enchanted said...

you know you've had an amazing adventure when you get home and you're looking through the memory card..."where the hell is day 4??? where are pictures 2437-3228??"

good times, megan! x

jojo said...

the hotel looks great. can't wait to have a swim in the pool, enjoy a king of good times, play some beach cricket, watch some indian infomercials, crash a wedding and make a baby. but not necessarily in that order.


Bob said...

King of good times to be had by all!