Friday, December 5, 2008

The mysterious case of the Missing Mumbai Bomb

Missing Bomb Keeps Mumbai on Edge
Times of India
5 December, 2008
C. Unnikrishnan, TNN

MUMBAI: Following the accidental discovery of an unexploded bomb at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Wednesday, the terrorist taken alive, Ajmal

Amir Kasav, was grilled afresh. And what he said sent a chill down the spine of the interrogators: all the 10 terrorists carried a bomb each, which were assembled in the trawler.

Six bombs have either been found or have exploded. The police believe that three others have been expended by the terrorists: one each at the Taj, Oberoi-Trident and Nariman House.

This still leaves one more bomb unaccounted for. The police has now launched a frantic search for the 'missing bomb'.

Sources say the police is not only retracing the terrorists' steps but also revisiting the six places attacked by the terrorists; Leopold Cafe, CST, Cama Hospital, the two hotels and Nariman House.

Kasav has told the police that he planted the bomb in one of the two taxis that exploded in Wadi Bunder, a kilometre away from CST. The lone surviving terrorist said that his partner in the CST carnage, Ismail Khan, planted the CST bomb. Khan was gunned down by the police at a barricade at Girgaum Chowpatty.

Three of the six bombs accounted for exploded; two in cabs and one near the entrance of Oberoi-Trident hotel.

While four people were killed by the two bombs planted in the two cabs, no one was injured in the explosion at the Oberoi-Trident hotel as the bomb squad had spotted it and covered it with a bomb blanket.

The police is checking if a bomb had been used in a bid to blow up the dome of Taj Mahal hotel during the 60-hour gunbattle. They believe that another bomb could have been used at the Oberoi-Trident. The police is also checking if a bomb was used in Nariman House.

Two bombs were found within 200 metres of the Taj Mahal hotel; one in a stack of tiles near the front entrance and one near Gokul restaurant which is near the rear gate. Both these bombs were discovered and defused; one last Wednesday night and the other early Thursday morning.

The police suspect that the bombs placed near the hotels were meant to create a diversion so that the terrorists could escape. The police is also trying to see if any bomb is still lying around near any of the places which were attacked.

Sources said the terrorists were shown satellite images of two red buildings around Azad Maidan and that they used Google Earth to familiarize themselves with the roads leading to the targets. However, it is a mystery why some of the bombs did not explode.

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