Thursday, December 25, 2008

Photos - India Day 3 - new friends

Kelly, (aka Tower), Joy, Amani and Bob (aka Cheryl) at the Marriott.

Our new-acquired best friend Joy and Kelly invited us to spend some time at the Marriott. while plans were underway to move from our own dingy digs, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a look at the accommodation I had initially coveted but decided did not fit our budget. The Marriott has excellent security, in place prior tot he attacks on Mumbai, the Marriott chain of hotels being world-recognised as the epitome of luxury and a place where wealthy tourists and business people stay. Joy and Kelly reakon they were only staying there by way of flier mile points.

The Marriott, view from the beach overlooking the pool.

The hotel was beautiful, grand and luxurious. The back faces the Arabian Sea with a view of the ocean., Well, it had a view of the ocean prior to the attacks but a green shadecloth had been plaed between the pool and the ocean, I guess for security reasons.

The Marriott, view from hotel towards the beach. Access to the beach is through a security guard. Guests have to sign a form waiving the hotel of any responsibility if guests are injured or killed by terrorists lurking at the foreshore. A complete over-reaction, but I guess Mumbai is serious about protecting its people and tourists.

Sunset over the Arabian Sea - view from the executive lounge at the Marriott.

We had a fun afternoon and evening with Joy and Kelly, enjoying the hotel's bar, outdoor cabana and executive lounge. What a fun couple.

Tower and Joy. I am very proud of this photo, but then, I had good subjects.

New friends, a beautiful couple so full of love for each other.

Joy at the executive lounge posting to the forum.

What do one do when one has access to the internet for the first time in four days? Goes online to the forum! Joy was racing me to get the longest, most quickly typed with posts, as you can see from her determined look she was intent on getting online to report about our fun before I could.

Silliness: Joy and Amani racing keyboards. (We hadn't found the action shot function on the camera at that stage).

A little too much wine and sun and it all turned to hilarity.

Proof I hadn't forgotten the forum while in Mumbai, I was just having too much fun.

We were fortunate to enjoy the cocktail and canape hours at the marriott's executive lounge, as well as too much wine and food, which saved us buying dinner. Alas, our new friends were packing to leave for home that night, so we said our good-byes and headed back to the dismal Best Western for yet another night, it being way too late to relocate. Fortunately, Bob had had a taste of how the other half was living, and we were determined to go elsewhere the following day.

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