Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photos - India day 4 - Fun with Agit and C

Roadside fruit sellers, some place we went to, the name of which escapes me.

We received a call from Agit at 10am that morning. Ugh. He was ten minutes away. We (I) had completely forgotten we were being taken sightseeing. We both needed showers, I needed more sleep, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Alas, Agit and C were waiting for us. We raced down to meet them for our trip to goodness knows where. I wasn't quite awake but just had to go with the flow. It turned out to be a really fun day, though it was hot, we had to walk a lot, and I desperately needed my IV line of coffee. We'd been told by Joy and Kelly about Agit's awesome tours. Agit will stop anywhere if he thinks a photo should be taken. He sure did that. We ended up taking more pics on this outing than on any other day. It was worth it.

Opening to Buddhish Temple

The reason it was worth the trip because 1. Agit is piss funny, and 2. Our travel mate C was the funniest most irreverent, straight-forward person I've ever met. There were no holes barred with her. What a crack-up. To add to that, she'd just taken her trigger, was in obvious growing discomfort, had the shits with being charged an entrance to and from the temple park, but just kept on keeping on. She is a single IM doing this whole surrogacy thing in India by herself. We are impressed, what a dynamo of a person, we have nothing but the highest regard for her. (Not that she'd give a damn about anyone's regard for her ... she is a woman in charge of her life who takes no crap, goes for what she wants, and, will, most probably achieve everything she sets her mind to.)

So, here is the stinking temple we climbed a long way to reach. It was worth it!

Freaking Agit took us on a right hike. None of this luxury air-con coach crap we get in Western countries, we were in a something akin to a prison transfer bus. The bridge on the way to the temple had eroded, so the bus screamed to a halt and we were forced out, and had to walk the rest of the way. Lazy-arse me, in desperate need of coffee, trudged along behind Agit, C and Bob, not quite awake, wondering what the hell I was getting myself into. Hadn't we just arrived in our five-star luxurious resort? Why was I not relaxing by the pool, or at least sucking down some caffeine in a cafe? Nope, we were trudging up a bloody mountain, me in broken sandles, with no water, in 35 degree plus heat to see ... I didn't give a damn by then, I just needed to survive being out of my comfort zone.

Wall carvings in sandstone, centuries old. Wow!

This place was so worth travelling to. I could feel its age, and history, and I went into place within myself that I haven't been to in a very long time. Let's just call it reverent and spiritual. The temples were created in 1AD or thereabouts. Australia has only 200 years of history for whities like me and Bob. Australia has 40,000 years of aboriginal history and culture. Unfortunately, we white British colonial invaders have always had the upper hand, and aboriginal life is something 70's kids like me and Bob were taught to denigrate and steer clear of. I did wonder while I was apprwciating the home of Buddah, why I couldn't get the same feel for, or even an interest in a culture older than this, that we live alongside. I guess travel makes one ponder the deeper issues.

Bob meditating. Never seen him do that ever!

Old meets new. Bob on his mobile. Freak of a man.

Yup. Much bigger than you bub. Photos do not do these carvings justice. You can feel the power of what they were doing back there way back when.

Funny Agit. I told him to look sad in the prisoner transfer bus because he was going to jail. This is all he could manage. He appears to be a pretty happy guy.

Monkey on a swing.

Agit on the same swing.

Agit promised me we would see a tiger. We saw no tigers, so Agit had to pose.

So that concludes my talk for today. We did go to the lion and tiger safari park on the way back. The tour took 15 mins. We had to hire the bus for ourselves as there was no-one else who wanted to go, they wouldn't take off with a partly-paid for bus. Hate to say it, but the safari park is BS, don't bother. I ended up taking pics of signs of critters we never saw, just for the memory.


Tigerlilycat said...

I know where you are - Ajit took you to the 'Rock Cut Buddhist Caves at Kanheri'. We've got a photo of Nik with the big budda dude too.

Stephanie Caballero said...

I'd like to follow your journey but I can't find your RSS feed. Thanks!