Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photos - India - Day 5 - Our Mumbai terror attack tour

A long shot of the Taj Palace where so many lost their lives on November 26, 2008.

I remember seeing news reports on NDTV from this angle and they were shocking, but they didn't mean a whole lot to me because this was just another 5-star hotel in a city somewhere in the world that militant nut-jobs out to shock the world decided on shooting the crap out of. Seeing it in the flesh, though being repaired, was sobering. I am suddenly so much more interested in India and Indian politics that I have ever been. This is a country that offers the international infertile community so much. I hope we will not go to India, pay our few bucks over, use the services of the Indian people and then just piss off back to our safe Western lives without a backward glance. I don't believe any of us will.

The Taj being repaired. Apparently 3000 workers were on hand as soon as the hotel was cleared of danger, working around the clock to bring this iconic building back to being able to serve its purpose - to welcome the world to the financial capital of India - Mumbai.

Bullet hole in the wall at Leopold Cafe.

There was no way in the world we would fear jihadi nutcases and avoid this tourist mecca. The cafe was packed, just 10 days after the horrible massacre that occured on November 26. Without realising it, we sat at the "death table". Funny how it was the one vacant table despite a line-up of people waiting to dine. It did not strike us immediately that we were actually sitting in the very seats where the majority of guests and staff were gunned down on November 26. Agit asked for the framed sign on the wall covering a deep gouge on the psyche of Mumbai, to be moved for a photo. Despite me arguing with him, that to take a photograph of the remains of the carnage was insulting to those who died, he insisted. Take it to the rest of the world, he said. So, despite me not being the first to do so, I publish this photo here so whoever reads this blog will remember. I recently read on DNA that the owners of Leopold Cafe will not be repairting the damage. In their words: "Why cover up history?"

Bullet hole in the door leading to the Leopold's office. They didn't get in.

View from our seat. The horrors came in from the entrance at right. We sat at our death table and imagined the horror, yet could not feel it. Un-freaking-believable.

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