Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ready and waiting

You know I set that stupid ticker wrong. We actually have 16 hours to go. The adrenalin hasn't quite kicked just yet, but my stomach has stopped leaping with fear. Bob takes our little man back to his mum at 4pm, Amber goes to the Doggie-Spa at 5pm, we'll skype for awhile to fill in some time ... any takers? ... Perth time 6.30-7pmish. I guess we'll shower and finish the packing, do a video blog for the doco ... fuddle around ... today has just gone so fast.

We have all the phone numbers we need, have registered with DFAT incase we get lost or are held hostage by terrorists in India. We meet our surrogate and the legal people on Tuesday or Wednesday, Bob is needed at the hospital on Wednesay ... then that's about it for us in India as we're ED-less. I am a little sad about not being in the 2ww when we return, but am okay enough because I'm pretty sure I can swing another trip to India with Bob with the Jan/Feb crew ... but only if Jojo promises to behave, in public at least.


Tigerlilycat said...

Up, up and away (what was the rest of that jingle? "with TAA" or something)... Don't need to tell you to have a FABULOUS trip as we know you will. Looking forward to updates as you go.

Tigerlilycat said...

And give Jax a big hug for us if you catch up with her and the DH in Dubai!

Amani said...

knew there'd be an Aussie who remembers the old jingle. Up up and away, in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon. It was used by TAA ... remember them? They became Ansett, which competed with Qantas then died.

Yes, we're meeting Jax in Dubai...


You have to keep the Aussies under control. Glad you're meeting with G in Canberra. Guess what ... we have another Canberra girl online in the past few hours. I'll handle the West Coast, you can do Southern Aus, and we'll rope TB into the East coast.

It's going offfff.

Eskimo said...

have a safe flight guys!

(dis)enchanted said...

i guess, not knowing the process, i'm a little confused as to what is going on.. but go do what you guys have to it well..and do it safe! xx muchos grandos love xx

ps. thanks for putting that jingle in my head. i had Mr. Matey in there for a whole month..we'll see how long this one lasts! ;-)