Friday, December 5, 2008

Reconsidering ... now I'm worried

Now we're reconsidering ... again. Though we're due to fly into Mumbai, any airport can be attacked. I don't fear terrorists on the ground, but once they start threatening airports, I get scared. Three emails were sent to the airports stating December 6 as the day. The hajj pilgrimage to Mecca starts Dec 6. Dec 6, 1992 is the date Hindu Harliners attacked Babri Mosque at Aodhya.

Terror threat to Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai airports
3 Dec 2008

NEW DELHI: Airports in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai were on Wednesday night put on high security alert in the wake of intelligence inputs that terrorists of Pakistan or Afghanistan origin may strike these installations by this weekend ahead of the anniversary of demolition of Babri Masjid.

The Civil Aviation Bureau is understood to have sent out the alert to the three airports following intelligence reports that several suspected terrorists have infiltrated into the country to carry out strikes.

The security alert came a day after top officials of Civil Aviation Ministry, Air Force, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and DGCA held a meeting here to review the preparedness of "different layers" of security apparatus and safety mechanism in major airports as well as in the airspace in the wake of intelligence inputs.

Authorities have received "specific" information that terrorists were planning to attack airports on this weekend, sources said.

Keeping this in mind, sources said, "ladder-point" (at the time of boarding the plane) security checks have been introduced.

Major airports across the country, especially those in the western region, have been on high alert and extra vigil for the past few days following the terror strikes in Mumbai.

Extra surveillance has been mounted in most of the airports, with additional CISF and police personnel being deployed to keep an eye around the terminal as well as the perimeter.

Sniffer dogs have been deployed in some airports, while watchers in plainclothes were also put on the job. Sky Marshals were being put on planes flying on sensitive routes, sources said.


Rick said...

Honestly, I'm still not worried.

I bet they get these threats more often than we might think. The difference is that now they are actually responding to those threats in a much more public way because the criticism laid down after the Mumbai attacks.

My plans are still a go.

Amani said...

Ah - Rick, but you're not due to leave in three days. It's getting a little close for me. I'm not worried about safety on the ground in Mumbai, riots or anything like that ... it's the plane thing.

Hari G R said...

Good amount of security has been posted at airports here at Chennai and lot of frisking is being done. The intelligence is suspecting an air attack. According to the cops and the Government, sufficient measures have been taken.

Amani said...

Thanks Hari

I just watched NDTV online and saw what's going on at the airports. Sheesh - it's tight.