Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We're home!

Hi all ... arrived in Perth a couple of hours ago. It's 6am and not sleep is in sight. The flights back were pretty good. Security at Mumbai airport was freaking ridiculous on the way out. I thought the country was trying t keep terrorists out of India, not prevent them from leaving. We counted nine security scans on our way out of the country. At one point the women were separated from the men for body frisking with a explosive device scanner. Wasn't happy about that. I kept my eye on Bob and he on me while apart. Fortunately we tower over the average Indian national and could watch out for each other. The women went into an enclosed area for a pat down and a scan with a hand-held bomb-detector. The security guard who frisked me had no delicacy and rubbed up my chest and between the thighs in the most indiscreet manner. yeah right, I am really going to be hiding a six-pack of dynamite between my legs. Oh, okay, yes I can be pretty dynamite in that way, but only with my husband in the privacy of the conjugal boudoir.

The flight was long and arduous. I got a little bit of sleep on a sun-lounge at Dubai airport, and managed around five hours over the Arabian sea and Indian ocean. Thank you to the person who discovered sleeping pills.

I am so happy to be back in boring dullsville. It is clean and pretty and there is no-one to harass you, no trolley men beating a path to your luggage, no beggars, no simultaneous offers of a cab ride from 100 people trying to eke out a living. But ouch, we live six kilometres from the Perth airport and the cab ride home cost $30. The Indian equivalent is around $3.

We had a fantastic time. It feels like we just left. here we are ten days later and i'm not quite sure what has happened, where I went, nor where I am? Did we actually go to India? I think so, my body odour confirms this as fact. despite showering often in Mumbai, I small like stale sweat, burnt plastic and curry. Bob and I are both more than tired, and hoping to soon fade so we can get some sleep then go pick up our beloved Ambertron. I hope she remembers us.

While we are not in the 2ww, we have signed contracts, have met our surrogate and her husband and their son, delved into India life, and thoroughly checked out, in person, the doctors and the path we are taking. We have no doubts that this process is 100 per cent above board, it is ethical, safe and benefits not only our family, but our surrogate, her husband, her children and her extended family. I am completely satisfied we have not just pulled some poor woman from the slums of India to assist us in our need to have children. I am certain there is no exploitation involved, by our clinic, our doctors, or us. Our surrogate is very proud of what she is doing for us, and also her family. We are satisfied that she has not been coerced into surrogacy by anyone against her will, and that the experience will not only be financially beneficial to her, but it will be emotionally fulfilling. We have to remember here that Bob and I cannot have children by ourselves, even with a load of money and the top medical treatment here in Australia, our natural pregnancy by ourselves is never going to happen. For women, like our surrogate, bearing children is very easy. They have sex, they get pregnant, the carry for nine or so months, they give birth. We cannot do this. I don't think she quite understands how amazing she is, nor what a profound life-changing miracle she is for us, because she has not had to endure infertility and the long and horrible road that is hiked in order to have a child. One thing I am certain of is this. She knows what a joy children are for any parent. She knows that we have gone to great lengths in order to have children. And she is the main person who has the power to make this happen for us. that gives her excitement, joy and sense of personal power. And boy, does she have power! Wow. How an one thank a woman who gives up her time and her body to us so we can have children?

Time for me to shower or I will still be sitting here extolling Chaya's virtues for the next 48 hours. We have 600 pics to upload and sort through, plus a shiteload of video footage .... for you to enjoy at your leisure.



Mike and Mike said...

Welcome back! We're glad youmade it back safely. And your airport experience sounds exactly like ours...but we had 10 checkpoints. The last, as ridiculous as this may sound, was on the jetway just prior to boarding the plane!

Mike and Mike

stephaniekb said...

Amani, Thank you for your blog! We're on the same path, and it makes it much easier for us that so many different people are researching in their own way and finding this process trustworthy and of benefit to all parties. I want some of your tips to enjoying Mumbai -- sounds like you had much more fun than we did!!

Bob said...

its great to be home but i miss india already

watch out mumbai in february!

Carrie Jo said...


I am so glad that you are home safe and sound...and that you are just as pleased as the rest of us were about the entire experience with SI and their surros.

Can't wait to hear updates once your ED starts cycling in a few months!