Monday, January 26, 2009


In a nutshell,

New group has been formed - Australia India Surrogacy Advocates (AISA). There is a team of people getting this organisation off the ground. we are all IPs, and we are from different clinics. We have 33 members already. Membership is open to our international surro family. Please all join! It costs nothing but your support will be invaluable! See membership link at site and follow the instructions.

AISA website is going live tonight - January 26, 2009 ... Australia Day! and
Please link either of these sites to your blogs to help improve traffic to our site.

Article in Sydney Morning Herald featuring Trevor and Pete (who will be joining the SI forum very soon) has been published in 126 fairfax newspapers, including , how funny is this? Farmonline! we are glad the story is in the Australian media at last, however, we are all a bit unhappy about the focus on financials, the comment about "buying a baby" and the headlines. I tried so hard to impart the message that surrogacy is not baby buying. Unfortunately I had little control. The article is a start. We will move on from here.

TV news
Four Australia-India couples are being courted by three of Australia's main TV networks. We are in negotiation.

Back to work for me.


Towley said...

hey great start and reading through your website was a ray of light through a dark tunnel , we know we can get to the end of that dark tunnel. thank you for showing us the light..

Amani said...

It's a pleasure Towley. We more experienced people were once in the dark too, but followed the light of others who had gone before us. An organised Aussie group and website were long overdue.