Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More photos

I loved these trucks. How weird for us. If an Aussie contractor showed up at a building site with a truck like this he'd be completely ragged, or worse. The world needs more colour, especially on trucks.

High-rise slum in Mumbai. It's horrible to think that people live in these conditions. Yet these are the "lucky" ones. They have a shelter. We saw people living under freeways with no covering, and even people living under street signs and traffic lights. I really wonder who cares about these people. How can western visitors NOT notice this poverty and pretend Mumbai is just a fabo place?

Colaba. Bob having a street shave.

Shave in progress under my careful eye. The razor was new and came out of sterile wrap. I don't know what was in the shaving cream, but Bob is okay thus far.

Agit supervising the shave. The shave cost 50 rupiah ($1.50). The guy doing the shave spoke a little English. He told Bob he would get about 30 cents for the shave. So Bob paid him the 50 rupiah for his boss and sliupped him 200 rupiah ($6) for himself. A fortune in India. God we felt bad. It's like being Marie Antoinette living the high hog and telling her generals to "Let them eat cake!"

A beer tower at Leopold's Cafe. Don't know how it worked, just knew that Bob wasn't getting one. The door at back of pic is where the terrorists came in and shot the crap out of people.

Nariman Drive. On our left was a smoggy outlook, to our right slums galore. This is prime Mumbai real estate.

A street corner in Bandra. As an engineer, Bob got obsessed with the bamboo scaffolding. There is no way in the world any building company could use bamboo scaffolding. the unions would be right down the throats of the owners insisting on health and safety of the workers. Such a different life.

More scaffolding, this time on one of Bob's "architectural" shots.

Shopping at Vile Parle.

I was busting to get a pic of one of these taxis. Sai Pooja. How wonderful to be able to plaster one's religious beliefs to the back of one's taxi. Would never happen in Australia.

The old meets new. See the shiny mirrored building in the background. These new modern Western-type buildings are popping up all over Mumbai. Next to them remain the slums. Perhaps Mumbai will be the new Shanghai, whether that be good or bad.

Henna art in Vile Parle. Love this shot, taken by Bob.

Amani negotiating a deal. Didn't happen. This fellow was quoting more than Western retail prices. I was okay with that. Agit got the shits with the store owner, had a tanty, made us leave the shop and it was all over.

Yah - Western prices and more.


Jackie said...

I so love reading your blog! Thanks for taking the time and effort in putting all your thoughts and experiences into words and photos!


Tigerlilycat said...

We want more photos - it's seriously like we're there again!!! And was that the best shave Bob had ever had?

Amani said...

That was THE best shave in the world. Bob hates shaving and does not do it frequently enough. he checked in Australia for a similar place. $20 a shave. Forget that!

Anonymous said...

The extremes in India are a bit overwhelming. But a lot of the "street" people you see are actually rural migrants who have entered the city with no place to stay. I don't want to say they are doing it to themselves but it is the roll of the dice they are taking when they decide to leave the relative security of their rural homes for the unknown and unforgivable fortunes and lifestyle they are seeking in Mumbai. Those that never find that success fall into a rut, and if they have kids, it becomes a way of life for the entire family. It's very sad, but I guess one of the consequences of uncontrolled urbanization that has no safety net in place to catch those that fall through the cracks.

crystal said...


I enjoy reading your blog, just imagine what life is like in the less populated areas of India. My husband and I were able to travel all over India, after the birth of our son in Anand, India, and we our lives are forever changed as well as tied to India.

All the best to you!!


Speak India said...

Your picks capture the heart beat of Indian life...good work