Friday, January 9, 2009

My new job

Our house plans. Click on image if you want to see them properly.

Everything to the right of the pink line is new, everything to the left is what we currently live in. Small, huh.There is a small patio, and the world's biggest toilet and laundry and at the back right of the existing house, but that was a 1970's tack-on and will be demolished.

Two years in the planning, we've come up with something we can afford, that allows us to rob a bit of money from the "extension budget" for surrogacy and that will be an adequate size for three kids and their parents. Sadly, Amber loses her lawn at the side as we're using up the whole block. But we live near several parks and have a lovely river walk we often take, and she still gets to sit on the front lawn and wait for belly rubs from her friends.

I have booked into an owner builder course on Jan 17. The plans have gone to an estimator so we have an exact price of what it will all cost if we project manage ourselves, and I am getting quotes from two builders. So, I'll either be extremely busy, frustrated and confused (if we owner build) or poorer, but calmer if we get a builder to manage the job.

I've started packing up the house. All my stock has gone into boxes, bar a couple of unfinished costumes I need to sell. The winter clothes, books and never-touched CD collection are also in storage. I've photographed a few household items that I can't bear to throw out. A mirror, two wardrobes, and a brand new jarrah bathroom cabinet that didn't quite fit - will all go the the paper for sale. These are things I should have done ages ago but just never found the motivation. With the hope and anticipation of babies arriving at the end of the year, my motivation has finally picked up. I guess this is called nesting.


akhilesh said...
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Mike and Mike said...

That is QUITE a remodel! You are going to have your hands-full whether you owner build or not. Even if you don't owner build, you still have to be on top of everything or you get crap.

Sadly, the days of people taking pride in their workmanship seems to have gone the way of vinyl records.

Hey, maybe Cheryl can convince them to use Bamboo scaffolding!

Mike A.

jojo said...

love the new look blog! you just can't stop renovating, can ya?