Saturday, January 17, 2009

My new toy

This me (at right) and Jojo (left) She is such a witch!

My new puter. I am in love!

Welcome to the new addition to our home. This is a 24" iMac pic I swiped from the net. It is not my actual iMac, but it looks the same.

My old computer, which was a top of the range little beast back in 2002, has died in a very major way. She has served me well, but her time has come and she is headed for the scrap pile. We are having trouble transferring six years of business, photos, home movies, the lot, onto our new techno-wonder. So, If I don't answer emails it's because they are on the old Mac (bless her heart) and she keeps crashing during the information transfer to new Mac.

We've purchased a load of new electronic tecky equipment during the past few months. Everything needed upgrading. I work in media. I need a good camera, a broadcast quality videocam, a computer that can handle all the new HD digital technology. And also a new TV to display our work. So, yes, $10,000 is gone from the house reno budget. But really, at the end of the day will I not care that we opted for cedar windows in place of jarrah, or that I get to cook in a Bunnings or an Ikea (Americans, read Wal-Mart) kitchen instead of having my dream kitchen made of solid Tasmanian Oak that I have always desired. 

These purchases have to be made now because once we start paying for the home extension, and the rest of the surrogacy journey, there will be no money left. Little William knows he can no longer go Go-Karting with dad, at a cost of $120 per session, every weekend and even a movie may be out of reach. It's time to tighten your belt kiddo.

Bob and I are nerds. We met online as nerds, our courting was all done online, we fell in love online. Fortunately, four years alter, we are one of the few online lovey-dovey success stories. We often communicate over messages on facebook, via email and through other electronic means. It's what we love and what we do. I know the Mikes will understand the love we have of computers. But now we can Skype each other. Woo hoo. We never need to see each other in the flesh ever again! (There must be a way to get our sex life online!)

Okay, enough of my crap and back to the goal in hand.

I missed my gym workout Friday because it was 40 degrees (104F) and I was not moving from the one aircon room we have here in our little home in hot old Perth. I did manage to get to K-Mart (ie. Wal-Mart) and purchase new gym equipment to clothe my body in. Yes, I am a cheapo who abhors anything designer. So I am now living in gym clothing.

Because I missed Friday's gym session, I now have to make it up tomorrow. Sunday. The Sabbath. The Lord's day of rest. He'll understand and forgive me. I am pumped and ready to go!

This afternoon we took doggie-tron Amber on the 5.5k walk by the river. I burned 777 calories. My calorie intake for day day was way down. But I have just consumed around 500 calories in white wine, so that cancels out the walk, but I am still under my daily calorie quota for the day. Yay for me, exercise like crazy so I can sip my wine.

That exercising hurts! I have old dance injuries that have only become a problem in my older age. At 25 I didn't give a damn about an torn hamstring, I just kept on dancing. I had to, that is the life of a professional dancer. Now I find I am having to go to physiotherapists, I have to wear insoles in my shoes, I can't wear a pair of cheap runners .. and I need massage on the sore bits, because they hurt.

Today when I went for my walkies I upped my program and did a bit of running. LMAO. Yeah, a bit of puffy overheated fatty-boomballah joggie. But I did it! While I was walking I set my targets.  I will start running at that pole up ahead and make it to the tree 20 metres away. Puff puff puff, oh please let this pain stop! 

Then I thought of my buddy jojoterrific (flightofthehumblebee) who is so much younger and slimmer than me. (That's okay, she has the iMac one level below mine so I am superior!) She has been spurring me on. So when I wanted to die on the ground a little voice inside of me said: "If Jojo were here she'd be flogging your arse girl." And my body woke up, I ran to that goal post, afraid of Jojo and her big stick of pain, and then some. 

Thanks Jo!!!

Then I decided to forget my infertility woes and go for broke. Every time I wanted to stop I said to myself: "Do you want a positive result?" Oh YES PLEASE! Believe me, any one of we surrogacy parents would run til they dropped to get that positive, and I sure did.

Now I am sore and Bob has promised to massage out my dodgy left calf muscle tonight, then it's off to the gym in the morning.

I am loving this!


Carrie Jo said...


The new computer looks fabo. Wish I could try it out. Good luck with all the dieting/exercise!

jojo said...

There I am - coming at you with a stick!

But I also have a juicy carrot ready for you too.

It's the way I work.;)

Cool new computer, cool new attitude, cool, cool, cool.


"josseri". jo's sari?

Jacqueline said...

Make sure the battery in the old mac is fresh, sometimes low battery power causes all kinds of problems like unexpected crashes and difficulty with transfers. Also a good virus protection program on the new computer will help if you manage to transfer any corruption from the old one. I have the same machine only 20 inches