Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sneaking a post - GREAT news!!!

Yeah yeah, like my computer/surrogacy ban would last more than two hours. You all know me far too well.

I was thrilled to wake in the middle of the night (1am to be precise) and I snuck a look at the forum, and listened to my answering machine. There was a message. It was the tigerlilycats, bubbling over with excitement with their surprise news! They really did sound off their heads, I had L and N in stereo and I wasn't quite awake.


I am thrilled!!! It is always very exciting when any of our surro family gets a positive result, but the cats and I are in daily phone contact and this feels like I just got my own positive. 

The above pic does not do their situation justice. There is only one foot. Due to the high beta number the cats and I are thinking twins, but I couldn't find a pic with four little feet, human or duck.

I am so so happy about this news, it is only just sinking in. This can and will work for all of us, even with a FET!!!!

OMG - I have to go shopping. I am going to be a surro-mummy-aunty-in-law.


Tigerlilycat said...

Thank you sweetie, We are glad that you are involved with us in this whole thing. Sending great vibes your way, heck I want to be a surro-Uncle-in-law.

Your such a wonderful person and I know that Lisa feels the same as myself we I say your a true friend.


JourneyofHope said...

That's very exciting news! Your turn is next!

Towley said...

We love reading good news stories here !! it is very inspiring and uplifting.

Congratulations on your news

We are both praying for you !!

Mr & Mrs Towle

Tigerlilycat said...

Thanks guys!!! It's definitely a great start. Now we just need a great second beta in the next few days.