Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So much news!

1. Barack Obama is being sworn in as President of the United States of America. We are stuck to the TV for the next 10 hours. Sorry McCainite republicans, a change is as good as a holiday, as is a haircut, and this man has a much better coiffure than any Bush could ever hope to achieve.

2. The Australian Standing Committee of Attorney Generals (ie, a collective of top-level government lawmakers from each state and territory in Australia) released a discussion paper on Monday aimed at getting comment on a proposal to create a national surrogacy law for Australian citizens. The proposal deals primarily with altruistic surrogacy in Australia. While the some of the proposals affecting couples needed surrogacy in Australia are preposterous, they do no not affect the Australians going to foreign countries to create their families through commercial surrogacy. However, it appears that commercial surrogacy abroad for Australian citizens is now on the radar.

In response to the racist and discriminatory statements made in the proposal, it appears at this stage that federal decision makers are piggy-backing international commercial surrogacy issues onto the national discussion with little thought to the real issues faced by those of us going abroad for surrogacy.

3. A group of five couples pursuing commercial surrogacy in India has formed a national collective to assist Aussies wanting to travel to India for surrogacy. Ket me introduce to you our national group Australia India Surrogacy Advocates (AISA). We are currently attempting to contact as many Australian citizens doing surrogacy in India, or considering surrogacy in India. We hope to have a website up by the end of this week. If any Australian citizen considering surrogacy in India is reading this blog and lurking, you NEED to contact me at bellydancing@optusnet.com.au or the tigerlilycats (Lisa and Nik visa their blog which you fill find on my bloglist as Made in India) so we can update you.

4. We have up-to-date prcedures direct from the Australian High Commission New Dehli confirming how the process of how to bring Indian surrogacy born children back to Australia.

5. We also have the most recent official update from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship about how to bring babies back from India to Australia.

6. We are collating statistics about Australian pursuing surrogacy in India. Aussie readers, if I have ever had contact with you in any way in the past, you are most probably on the list. AISA will be in contact with you shortly via email. Of course, your identities and contact details will not be provided to anyone without your permission.

7. The SCAG proposal will make it extremely difficult, and most probably illegal, for surrogacy IPs to bring children back to Australia from the USA and Canada. We have updates on the situation you may be faced with. Please make contact so we can update you.

8. Channel Seven has a new current affairs program called Sunday Night. The one-hour show will be broadcast on the Seven Network on Sunday night in the time slot against Channel Nine's Sixty Minutes. Several couples have been discussing going public with the surrogacy in India stories. Three very courageous couples have decided to allow their stories to be documented and broadcast to the Australian public. Bob and I are not one of those couples for personal reasons, but we will asisst these couples in every way we can.

9. The Australian media has just woken up to the fact that not just a few Aussies couples, but 22 (at last count) are pursuing surrogacy inn India. The Sydney Morning Herald is interested in do ing a story but they need to localise the story and need a NSW resident to interview. They are prepared to used first names only and protect the privacy of an interviewee. I am seeking a contact from NSW. Please email me so I can pass you onto the journalist who is interested in covering the story.

10. I got so busy I missed the gym and ate McDonald's tonight. Oops.


Carrie Jo said...


I admire the fact that you want to help others go through this process--it's exhausting just to try it yourself!

Anonymous said...


I sincerely hope the Government does not put into place such misguided and hateful legislation or laws. The fact that they are considering it upsets and alarms me to no end.

I applaud your efforts to organize and confront such efforts and hopefully put a stop to them. Keep up the good work. Mike and I are wishing the best for you and Bob.

Mike A.