Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still waiting

Not a whole lot going on around here. I realised this morning we have four weeks to go. That means in roughly six weeks we'll know whether we are pregnant or not. Wow. There seems to be so many periods on the surrogacy journey where one has to wait. Wait for the trip to Mumbai. Wait for EPU day, wait for transfer day, the two week wait. If successful, wait for the beta, then wait for the scan, then wait for the 20 week scan, then wait for the baby pickup. I am not good at waiting, especially when I have too much time on my hands.

Despite thinking it would take forever to pack up parts of the house and put rarely used things into storage, I did it all in two days. We are ready for the build. We are waiting - again - for the estimator's quote and the building quote. Why can't my goals be achieved in 23 seconds?

I have started my exercise plan. This involves two walkies of 5.5 kilometres per day. It's not just for me to lose unwanted lard, it's for Amber who is a big fat-tard. Amber - the amazing food stealing labrador - is five kilos above her ideal weight. She looks like a beached whale and at not yet three years of age, her extra weight is not healthy. On yesterday's walkies a man passing by said to me, "You're feeding your dog too much". Ouch. She knows she's fat. And i know I am porky too. So me and Ambie are going to shed the kilos together.

(PS. Amber asked me not to blog that she stole a piece of pizza from the kitchen bench last night).

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Carrie Jo said...


I feel you. This waiting is killing me. I may not last until August...and you have had so much more waiting to do than I have!