Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi all,

I apologise for my general response to you all. I have received so many emails from Aussie IPs who are doing what we are. Thank you! We now have 29 couples, and counting.

The Australian media is going to break the Australian India surrogacy story on Saturday in a national newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald. This newspaper and its journalist Kate have been chosen because we believe they are a responsible publication and will do our stories justice. 

I am extremely busy attending to inquiries from new IPs wanting to embark on the journey and IPs we have found from many a place who are on their way.  

Please give me a bit of time to get the Aussie info together.

Am x


Anonymous said...

Thanks Amani,i have to admit i am fairly upset at the moment. We had just come to grips with this being an option and now it may be taken away from us. Words can't begin to describe our feelings ...
Too buzzed and anxious to sleep,

maggie said...

I would like to think that the Gay vote has some pull and that the government would think twice before making it difficult for IP to return to Australia with their baby

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Amani, Just to let you know, we are a Melbourne couple and our baby was born in India in December 2008 via Indian surrogacy !

We have only just found out about the advocacy group and your site.

We all really need to lobby well far and wide to help all future couples. People should not be denied the right to be parents when options are available to facilitate this, options I might add that do not cause anyone any harm and are of mutual benefit to all parties concerned.

A note to CC - do not give up, do not be disheartened, start writing to your local MP,the Standing Committee and Kevin Rudd.