Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia's Horror

No doubt you've all seen the horrific tragedy that has unfolded in Victoria, Australia. More than thirty bush fires have taken the lives of 181 people, and the death toll is rising by the hour. The whole of Australia is in shock. This is our largest natural disaster in history.

So many of us are just devastated by what we have seen in the media, from the comfort of our living rooms, safe and far away. Despite not being directly affected, nor knowing anyone affected, the nation is in shock and mourning. Those of us so far away feel so useless, and so terribly sad for those who have lost their family, friends, neighbours, pets, and livelihoods. I cannot even begin to imagine the terrible pain those affected wake up with each day, if, in fact, they sleep at all.

All we can do from Western Australia is donate, which Bob and I have done, some to the Red Cross and some to the RSPCA, which has the grim task of entering fire-ravaged areas to euthanase suffering animals. The thought of the suffering of humanity sickens me and I've had to stop follow the news because it has basically made me feel stressed and depressed. My thoughts these days swing between the bushfire horror and worrying about our ED angel. there hasn't been much chance to feel good about anything.

Our ED has arrived in the city our agency is located and met up with the other five brave donors. I just had an email from our coordinator and she tells me the girls are very excited and giggling, and taking their shots together. I am still blown away by what they are doing for us, and doing with laughter in their hearts. They fly out to Mumbai tomorrow, a 12 hour flight.

I know Dr S will have organised the best accommodation for them, and will look after them. Tomorrow is Day 6 and I think the girls will be having their first scans in India. A day six scan is a major event, as we will find out how the stimulation is going, how many follies have shown up and what kind of response we may expect. I'm not worried if the follie count is low, the only Day 6 scan I have ever had showed up half the follies I ended up with on day 14. I just want these girls to have the best time they possibly can, to shop and shop hard, and be proud of themselves.

Back to the bush fires:

Aussies, if you have not donated yet, I urge you to do so. The outpouring of support from across Australia has been phenomenal. It makes me really proud to be a citizen of this amazing country I call home. As of tonight, two days of donations from 176,000 people totalling $31.2 million has been received by the Red Cross. The Salvation Army reports donations of $5.5 million. Governments, businesses, sporting identities and others have donated millions as well. But it will take billions to restore these communities. Please don't leave it to others to donate, nor think the money donated thus far is enough.

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Rebecca said...

I have been thinking of you and have been so worried. I am so sad for Australia but am so glad you are ok.

Amani said...

we are all well away from the fires, so no need to worry. It is just such a big shock for Australia. Nothing ever happens here, but this is major, for Australians.

We so happy to hear that so many countries care - the USA, Turkey, France, the UK, Indonesia, even Iran.