Friday, February 13, 2009

CD 8 - 5 days til we leave

And that's five days too many. Our ED angel has a day eight follicle scan today. I am going to be pushy and ask the docs how many follicles. It's a bit rough not not being able to ooh and ahh over every new development, as we would if I were cycling. My mum wants daily updates, but there are just none to give. A day eight scan won't show all the follicles anyway. In Australia they start follicle scans on day 11, so if I get a low number, I won't be worried. I guess I just feel a need to be there, be involved, know every last detail.

We've had some movement with the home extensions. We have three quotes and the original estimation. What a load of crap! Builder number one, who knew I had an estimation and quoted according to the estimation, put on his 20 percent. We loved his price! builder number two, who i would have preferred to go with, was very proud of his 'competitive" quote. He came in at $100,000 more. As I was picking myself up off the ground builder number three came in with a quote $100,000 higher than builder number two. Holy cow, how confusing and stressful.

After much consideration and a good look at the budget, we have decided to go with builder number one. His price will be higher because he quoted on aluminium doors and windows whereas we want timber, and he didn't quote on the verandahs. But that was the only difference between his quote. So his quote will go up when the joinery and verandahs are added, but that's okay, it's still well within budget.

I can't believe builder number three. He tried to tell me I had a lot of money to spend on retaining walls. Um, our block if completely flat. It is so flat it doesn't even have a hint of a slope on the part we are building on.

Builder number two quoted us $150 supply and install of jarrah floorboards. Now,  know I can buy brand new jarrah floor boards for $50 a square metre. There's no way in hell I am paying a chippie $100 a square metre to install them. 

Builder number one is very flexible and willing to change things, such as allowing us to buy the kitchen and floorboards, also joinery and hardware. He explained to me that if we buy those things, we don't pay his 20 percent, we just pay 20 percent on the install. So the money we will save that way may well offset the additional costs of timber and verandahs.

At least we can put the plans into council. It will take 6-8 weeks for planning approval. We're aiming for the structure to be built by July and the project pretty much finished off by October, well in time for our babies, which will hopefully be coming into the world in November.

After so much research, planning, waiting, delays, terrorist attacks and more delays, builders screwing us around - honestly two years of trying to get decent house plans together - the two most important projects of my life are finally coming together.

Indeed, it shall be a very life-changing year for the Am and Bob family.


Kerrie and Mark said...

You have so much going are you staying sane?? I am praying your ED has one great egg for you, if not two. I imagine you will keep us all up to date while in India...and a few pics of this cricket match are definately wanted!!! Thewhole builder story is scary ...many of them are such scamers. Sounds like you got a good and fair one.

Amani said...

I will be taking the digi video cam. You will see the game edited by moi ... bleeps and blunders in Mumbai ... players, be afraid,be very afraid!